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Today's Well Groomed Male


In today's society, men everywhere are taking a stronger interest in projecting a stylish, clean cut image. It's not just metrosexual actors and athletes getting in on the act, either. Good old Joe Six Pack is reading up on male grooming tips, too, from new treatments in men's skin care to advanced laser hair removal procedures. Concerning the latter, one of the best kept secrets in male grooming is facial or beard laser hair removal, the ultimate alternative to the daily routine of shaving. It's just one example of how permanent hair removal is revolutionizing what it means to be a “well groomed male.”

Examples of Male Laser Hair Removal

Full Beard Laser Hair Removal
One of the great things about beard laser hair removal is the wide range of options it presents. You can remove your beard entirely, or zero in on certain areas like the neck or cheeks to allow for better beard or goatee grooming. The treatment can also work for removing those tough hairs around and in-between the brows.

Back Hair Removal
Male grooming certainly doesn't leave room for unsightly back hair. Fortunately, laser hair removal for the shoulders and back is a quick and effective way to handle the problem for the long haul.

Chest Hair Removal
Not just for body builders anymore, a smooth, hair-free chest is becoming a cultural norm for men.

Underarm and Upper Arm Hair Removal
There's no place for fur when flexing your muscles. Male underarm hair removal is also increasingly en vogue, with men almost as interested in the procedure as women.

Leg Laser Hair Removal
Whether you want to thin out the hair on your legs or remove it all together, a laser treatment can get you there.

Male Pubic Hair Removal
No one enjoys the challenge of grooming pubic hair. So why keep doing it? Laser hair removal allows men to keep things “bare down there” without anymore regular maintenance.

Men's Skin Care

Of course, men's grooming isn't just about hair removal. Skin care is also extremely important to maintaining that clean, youthful look. For more on this subject, be sure to check out all the resources on men's skin care, including some more great male grooming tips, at our sister site, Healthy Skin Portal.

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