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The Advantages of Underarm Laser Hair Removal

For removing armpit hair there are far easier solutions than shaving or waxing. Shaving may not seem like that much of a hassle, but laser treatments for the underarms has some distinct advantages. Waxing underarm hair, shaving the armpits, or using depilatories for underarm hair removal all come with a heavy price to pay—be it razors or shaving cream, products like Nair®, or professional waxing treatments. Never having to shave, wax, or use depilatories can translate into thousands of dollars in savings over the long term. According to some health resources, it’s been shown that armpit hair growth is faster than other areas of the body. This is why constant shaving is needed. The cost of underarm hair removal, however, is measured in more than just simple dollars and cents…underarm hair removal costs time.

Remember that laser technology is permanent hair removal. A recent study by the Psychology of Women Quarterly showed that 98% of women regularly remove hairs from their legs and/or underarms, meaning a permanent solution could be incredible relief to the vast majority of women. Shaving is quick and easy, but it’s easy to forget and hair lasers for underarms can help put an end to those embarrassing moments. Underarm laser hair removal allows for smooth, hair-free skin year around, which will especially come in handy during swimsuit season. Lasers offer permanent hair reduction after the specified number of treatments, so there’s no reason to worry about going sleeveless again. One distinct benefit of laser technology specific to armpits is that lasers can get rid of that “shadow” appearance common for those of us with darker underarm hair. Underarm laser hair removal offers a smooth, clean look.

A point of apprehension with both pubic hair removal and underarm hair removal has always been the occurrence of ingrown hairs and irritation. The main benefit of armpit laser hair removal is that it not only permanently reduces hairs, but works as a treatment for ingrown hairs. Laser procedures prevent ingrown hairs as you shave, wax, or use depilatory creams less and less as you undergo the laser treatment. These products actually can cause ingrown hairs to form because they can create so much damage to sensitive underarm skin. However, laser hair removal can also be an ingrown hair treatment as the laser dissolves the entire hair follicle, including the root, allowing affected areas to heal properly and painlessly.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Cost

Underarm hair is a great place to start for laser treatments because the cost of underarm laser hair removal is very reasonable. Underarm laser hair removal prices range typically from $50 to $150 per treatment. The number of treatments needed, however, can differ person to person. For example, with hair lasers, those with darker skin tones may require more treatments to achieve near permanent results. Your skin tone and hair color can play a big part in the number of hair removal treatments needed. It’s also good to know that since everyone’s hair growth cycle has 3 distinct phases, consumers will need at least three treatments to notice permanent results. People with denser hair may require 4-6 treatments, and the more treatments needed, the more the overall cost of underarm laser hair removal will be.

Does Laser Hair Removal for the Underarms Hurt?

The principle behind laser hair removal is heat. The process works by heating the hairs with light energy. Essentially, underarm hair is burned out from the root, so some discomfort should naturally be expected, however, modern technology has greatly reduced any pain experienced. Anesthetic numbing creams and hair lasers with cooling devices can help eliminate the pain with laser hair removal on armpits.

Having access to the right hair laser resources is crucial to a successful procedure. As a consumer, the more you know, the better your experience with underarm laser hair removal will be.

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