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At Home Hair Removal Systems

Removing unwanted hair has become a big business these days, and skincare companies have met our demand by flooding the market with at-home hair removal systems. Hair Removal Forum believes that the best hair removal results always take place at a trusted salon, laser clinic, or medspa. Although, factors like availability, location, time, and money can definitely alter even the best of plans. We understand that and would like to help you make the best decision for you, no matter what that might be.

At-home hair removal can be as simple as waxing or using depilatory creams, but many people prefer to upgrade to a home hair removal system. The most popular over-the-counter hair removal systems are home electrolysis, electric epilators, and home laser hair removal. In order to help you understand your options, we've summarized each treatment below:

What Should You Look for in Your Home Hair Removal System?

  1. A convenient hair removal system that eliminates hair as permanently as possible.
  2. A relatively inexpensive system. If you're not going to save money with an at-home hair removal system then there's probably no point in buying one.
  3. A painless hair removal system. The biggest complaint with professional hair removal is that it can be uncomfortable (although today's best laser clinics and medical spas take great pains to ensure your comfort). If an at-home treatment can lessen that pain that you may encounter with electrolysis or waxing, then it definitely might be worth looking into.

We're all different and what works for one us might not work for all of us. That's why at-home electrolysis, electric epilators, or home laser hair removal might be able to fulfill these needs and hopefully your expectations.

Home Electrolysis

Home electrolysis is just like professional electrolysis…only on a smaller scale. Some argue that the electrical currents involved are not strong enough to permanently reduce hair and that home electrolysis kits are little more than electric tweezers. However, they're also not dangerous. The low voltage makes them low risk, so there's certainly no harm in trying them. The most popular brands of home electrolysis hair removal systems are the One Touch, ePen, and Vector Electrolysis.

Electrical Epilators

Electrical Epilators are at home devices very similar to an electric razor, but instead of cutting the hair with a blade, an electrical epilator uses rows of tiny tweezers to actually pluck out the hair from the root. Many people find the process uncomfortable, as you must constantly keep your skin pulled tight to avoid pinching. Epilator hair removal systems are a good, inexpensive alternative to shaving, as the hair takes longer to grow back. The top electrical epilator brands include Philips, Panasonic, and Braun epilators. An interesting twist on the epilator is the Conair Hair Removal System, which uses a rotating fine-grain exfoliating pad to catch hairs and pull them out.

Home Laser Hair Removal

As of right now, there is no FDA approved over-the-counter laser hair removal systems available. Gillette has teamed up with Palomar (the makers of the StarLux laser system, the most popular laser in professional laser clinics and medical spas) to create the first FDA approved at home laser hair removal device. Although, it's still in the early stages of development and has not yet been slated for release. Yet, that doesn't stop people from getting their hands on other home laser hair removal systems. There are a number of at home lasers available in Europe including the Rio and Epila lasers. These laser hair removal systems work much in the same fashion as professional lasers, light is absorbed into dark hairs, which heats and kills the follicle. Many people report that little to no hair is actually removed with these at home devices. This might be because the energy level is safe enough for home use, and an inexperienced user might not be able to really get the job done.

Professional laser hair removal and electrolysis both offer permanent hair reduction and even removal. Home hair removal systems, on the other hand, are often not powerful enough to offer permanent hair reduction. Don't rule out home hair removal systems for upkeep and hair maintenance, but it's wise to see professional treatment as your main solution for unwanted hair.

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