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Pubic hair has become a popular target for hair removal over the past few years. The reasons for getting pubic hair removal differ and can include hygienic purposes, maintaining bikini lines, overall discomfort, personal tastes, religious beliefs, and sexual preferences.

The Benefits of Pubic Hair Removal by Laser

Bikini hair removal is one of the more popular reasons for the removal of pubic hair. These stray hairs can often be a nuisance and a simple bikini line hair removal can keep embarrassing moments from happening. The only problem is the continued upkeep and maintenance of pubic hair. Hair removal depilatories, shaving, or waxing pubic hair can be costly and time-consuming processes. However, laser hair removal for pubic hair means never having to wax or shave again. Bikini line laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal solution. Pubic hair maintenance is a simple matter when the results are permanent. Laser hair removal on the pubic area translates into saving time and money, while keeping the look you feel most comfortable with.

Pubic laser hair removal can also help with pesky ingrown hairs on the bikini line. Ingrown hairs are extremely common around the pubic area, and are actually caused by shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams. This hair is very delicate and on a sensitive part of the body, hair removal methods like waxing and depilatories can be too abrasive. Laser pubic hair removal is effective at not only preventing ingrown hairs (by causing you to shave, wax, or use depilatories less), but lasers actually work as an ingrown hair treatment. Laser hair removal treats ingrown hairs by dissolving the follicle at the root, which allows the affected areas to heal.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is androgenic hair, which means it’s exactly the same as the hair all over your body; the same as chest hair, back hair, or facial hair. Androgenic hair is simply the hair that develops during puberty. What this means is that laser hair removal of the pubic hair is just as easy to perform as anywhere else and the cost of pubic hair removal is comparable to other areas. As with other body parts, pubic hair removal costs are often decided by both the size of the area and the density of the hair involved. A treatment such as a Brazilian laser hair removal can end up costing more as more hair will be removed. The cost of pubic hair removal depends on the style, so laser clinics and medical spas offer packages like a standard bikini area (a hair-free bikini line), the extended, or Brazilian laser hair removal.

Typically, a standard bikini line laser hair removal treatment can be done in fewer treatments. However, it should be noted that since hair growth cycles appear in 3 phases, it will take, at least, 3 treatments to see near permanent results. Other factors like darker skin and laser hair removal can add to the price. Dark skin may require more pubic hair removal treatments, which will result in higher pubic hair removal prices. Additionally, lighter pubic hair (blonde, red, or ray) can require more treatments even with hair lasers designed for light hair. The key things to remember is that the cost of pubic hair removal is dictated by both the style and your own personal compatibility with laser treatments.

Is Pubic Hair Removal Painful?

Laser hair removal has a certain distinct sensation and laser pubic hair removal is no exception. Most clients describe laser treatments as a feeling similar to being snapped with a rubber band. However, the use of topical numbing creams used by most laser hair removal clinics is helping to keep discomfort to an absolute minimum. Some skin care clinics even provide lasers with built-in cooling devices to help make the treatment as soothing as possible.

For more information about the most up-to-date hair removal treatments, take a look at our laser hair removal resources. Our handy guides can make it easy to find a laser clinic, medspa, or a medical professional in your area who provides pubic hair removal.

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