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Hair Removal Cost Comparisons

Part Laser Hair Removal Electrolysis Waxing Shaving
times/yr $/year $/5yr times/yr $/year $/5yr* times/yr $/year $/5yr times/yr $/year $/5yr
Face 6 $2700 $2700 15 $675 $1,350 12 $300 $1500 365 $500 $2500
Legs 8 $3600 $3600 20 $5250 $15750 12 $420 $2100 156 $250 $1250
Back 8 $4400 $4400 20 $6234 $18700 12 $540 $2700 52 $160 $800

*Electrolysis is permanent, so it doesn't require a full five years. Facial hair removal electrolysis numbers based on rate of $45 per session for two years. Leg and back electrolysis based on 3 years of treatment.

To give a fair breakdown of the cost of laser hair removal, we've compiled a handy dandy price comparison chart (above), which displays the annual cost and number of visits required for removing hair via hair lasers, electrolysis, waxing, and shaving, respectively. The chart also extrapolates the price of those methods over a five year span. You should also keep in mind that electrolysis and laser hair removal costs vary by geographic area, and by practitioner. It might be a substantial part of a practitioner’s business, as is the case with laser clinics and medical spas, or it may just be a service offered to dermatology or plastic surgery patients as a "side treatment." For the most part, the average cost per treatment is higher when purchased through a plastic surgeon or dermatologist's office than through a clinic that specializes in laser skin treatments or strictly laser hair removal. However, it's best to find out for yourself at a few complimentary consultations.


The “uniqueness of you” is also a big factor that will affect laser hair removal cost. In other words, are you a good candidate for laser hair removal? How many treatments will you require? How big of an area will be treated? And how dense is the hair? These factors will influence the laser hair removal pricing you receive from your local laser clinic or aesthetic specialist.

Another extremely important thing to consider with laser hair removal pricing is exactly how your professional charges. There are several different methods, so find the right one that fits your budget. The March 2008 edition of our SignatureForum Laser Hair Removal newsletter clearly explains how different specialists charge for their hair removal treatment packages. For example, do they charge one flat rate for removal, or do they charge by the density of your hair? Do they charge by the amount of time it takes per treatment, or the number of pulses required? These are questions you will want to bring up during your hair consultation.

Hair Removal Cost Comparison

Hair removal should always be looked at as a long-term investment especially when advanced technology is involved. Waxing and shaving are less expensive initially, but what you pay each month will continue to add up over time, and the annoyance of the constant repetition of those methods can't even be put into numbers. Laser treatments, meanwhile offer permanent hair reduction, meaning fewer and sometimes zero need for additional maintenance. So, try to compare laser hair removal costs in terms of years and decades instead of weeks or months. For hairs on the lips and cheeks, facial laser hair removal costs are even competitive enough to trump simple at-home procedures like bleaching or tweezing.

Below, we've taken all of the helpful tips we've learned when it comes to finding affordable hair removal pricing and listed them below. We hope this helps you when narrowing down your search for a laser specialist who offers superior results at a cost that fits your budget. HairRemovalForum also has a wonderful Consumer Resources and Laser Hair Removal Facts section that can answer virtually any question you have about permanent hair reduction.

Tips for Purchasing Laser Hair Removal Treatments

  • Ask for special offers. A great deal can cut the treatment price by a third. Laser Hair Removal Gift Certificates can come in handy, too (we offer exclusive custom gift certificates on our sister site

  • Ask to pay for all treatments upfront in exchange for a discount.

  • Offer to bring a friend and see if you will get a discount for your referral. Why go alone when bringing a friend can equal both support and discounts?

  • Ask if they have financing in exchange for buying for multiple areas or packaging with another procedure (if offered).

When possible, we list the laser hair removal cost for the physicians and centers on our site.

Click here to learn about hair removal costs in your area!

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