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Evanston, IL – September 12, 2008 – The SignatureForum network of consumer resources is proud to announce the official redesign and re-launch of one of its most popular websites,

Already one of the highest ranking online destinations for hair removal information and professional consultation scheduling, HairRemovalForum now has a brand new look and a number of additional user-friendly features. The site’s new streamlined layout allows for easier navigation and quicker access to a wide range of tools and information. For visitors interested in researching laser hair removal and other options in the field of permanent hair removal, there is a vast inventory of in-depth articles covering everything from procedure costs to body treatment areas to what elements to look for in a professional hair removal clinic.

Guests who wish to take the next step and meet with a hair removal specialist can take advantage of HairRemovalForum’s convenient contact options and free consultation scheduling. As part of its new redesign, HairRemovalForum’s “Locate a Laser Clinic” function is easier to use and easier on the eyes, featuring click-and-read descriptions on hundreds of laser hair removal providers across the United States and Canada, broken down by state, city, zip code, and even consumer ratings. Every clinic is put through an extensive assessment before being added to the HairRemovalForum network, and prospective patients can schedule consultations with any facility they choose simply by contacting the friendly guest service liaisons at HairRemovalForum.

Part of the site redesign also involves the addition of multiple, convenient options for contacting those liaisons, asking questions, and scheduling consultations. Guests can choose from dialing a direct telephone number to talk with a knowledgeable HRF liaison, sending an email query, filling out a consultation request online, or using the brand new “Live Chat” feature (launching in October) to get immediate answers without having to pick up the phone.

To experience the new site firsthand, go to and click on any area of interest. HairRemovalForum welcomes any and all feedback related to its relaunch.

Presented by SignatureForum

SignatureForum is a web-based marketing company based out of Evanston, IL, devoted to consumer advocacy in luxury markets. With that goal in mind, SignatureForum has created a large network of SignatureCertified™ service providers in the U.S., with expansion into Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

Consumers utilize SignatureForum sister properties like HairRemovalForum to find, research, and connect with service providers in their area. Comprehensive service and consumer feedback allows Signature’s online community to make informed decisions about skin care and luxury purchases.

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