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Northbrook, Illinois - September 15, 2009 -- Recently, one of the Midwest’s larger laser hair removal providers, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, elected to discontinue the operations of its privately owned hair removal clinics. In the wake of this announcement, SignatureForum has quickly stepped in to help Hair Today Gone Tomorrow patients find reliable local alternatives for the continuation and completion of their laser hair removal treatments.

As part of this effort to assist former Hair Today Gone Tomorrow customers, SignatureForum has taken over management of the website. Through this means, we are fully committed to seamlessly transitioning HTGT customers into successful, affordable treatments with trusted laser clinics in their area. This includes the ability for patients to schedule free consultations with a wide variety of separately owned and operated facilities comprising the 400+ clinics of the SignatureForum network. Our goal is simple: connect our new customers with the best cosmetic service providers available, and restore their confidence in the still strong and thriving laser hair removal industry.

We know that many former HTGT customers are frustrated and unsure about how or where to continue their treatments. This is why we’re working with many of our participating clinics to create special discounts and promotions specially designed to help you complete what you started in a swift, safe, and effective manner. Even if you’ve yet to undergo a treatment and are still trying to determine if Laser Hair Removal is right for you, our guest service liaisons can help you schedule free consultations with reputable professionals at your convenience.

To learn more about the SignatureForum network, the new HairTodayGoneTomorrow website, or to schedule a consultation with a SignatureForum certified hair removal clinic, contact us today at the number below or via the form on this page. We look forward to serving you!



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