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Evanston, IL – October 14, 2008 – As the latest component in a comprehensive site redesign, now offers a “Live Chat” feature, enabling all guests to speak directly with actual customer service liaisons without having to pick up a phone or fill out any forms.

HairRemovalForum is a consumer advocacy website focused on providing in-depth information about hair removal treatments, costs, and service providers. Prospective laser hair removal patients routinely use the resources at HRF to research the procedures and to schedule consultations with participating clinics in HairRemovalForum’s national network of industry professionals.

In the past, if a visitor to HairRemovalForum had any questions or wished to schedule a consultation at a laser clinic, he or she had three main options for contacting a staff liaison: phone, e-mail, or online contact form. While all these options are still readily available to guests, HairRemovalForum has introduced “Live Chat” as an alternative option for people who may want immediate answers to their questions, but would rather not do so via a phone conversation.

To begin a live chat, guests can simply click on the corresponding “Live Chat” icon, which is located at the top portion of the right sidebar on every page of HairRemovalForum. A new chat window will appear, in which the guest will be connected directly to a live, human customer assistant. Any type of hair removal questions can be typed in to the box, and the participating liaison will respond in the most timely fashion possible. Visitors can also use Live Chat to get assistance in locating a hair removal provider in their area, or to schedule consultations with the providers of their choice.

Currently, the Live Chat function is only available for guests using version 5.0 or higher of the Internet Explorer web browser. To learn more, follow the url below or contact HairRemovalForum by phone at 866-471-8871.


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