Blame it on the Pain?

Today's Laser Treatments Take the Hurt out of Hair Removal

Welcome to the September edition of SignatureForum's Laser Hair Removal newsletter. One of the most common questions we hear is, "does laser hair removal hurt?" Considering that our frame of reference in hair removal pain usually starts with things like waxing, tweezing, or possibly electrolysis, it makes a lot of sense that people would be concerned about how much grimacing they'll be doing. Those three methods hurt like heck! So, how does Laser Hair Removal stack up in the pain department?

Less Pain, More Gain

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), over 1.4 million laser hair removal procedures were performed for men and women in 2007. That number continues to rise as qualified laser clinics are becoming more prevalent, and client word-of-mouth spreads the joy of being hairless for months to years at a time! It's also on the rise in large part due to improved safety and less painful laser procedures. In the past, Laser Hair Removal was no walk in the park, particularly for people of darker skin tones. But major strides have been made.

The Ouch Factor

The majority of testimonials show that discomfort experienced during modern laser procedures is mild, if anything. As the technology has continued to improve, patients report being very satisfied with results and happily include themselves in the large following of laser hair removal devotees. The sensation of popular "intense pulsed light" or IPL procedures has been likened to the gentle snapping of a rubber band against the skin. You can feel it, but it's a brief, mild experience. On top of that, many licensed laser technicians use anesthetic creams and gels for patients who are concerned about discomfort. Before procedures, patients are also informed of any potential risks, and must be cleared of any health conditions that could cause complications or additional discomfort.

The Verdict

Thanks to increased awareness of patients' needs, improvements in the technology's effectiveness, professional requirements for working laser technicians, and increased safety measures, laser hair removal passes the test as a treatment that eliminates hair without a whole lot of hurt.

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We hope you enjoyed this edition of SignatureForum's Hair Removal Newsletter. For more info, feel free to contact us or check out are resources at Hair Removal Forum. And keep an eye out for next month's newsletter, as we explore more big news and advances in the hair removal industry.

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