A Hair-Free Fall: Why Autumn is a Great Time for Laser Hair Removal

Welcome to the October edition of the SignatureForum Hair Removal Newsletter! As the weather starts getting cooler this time of year, it can be easier for people to rationalize putting off their plans for laser hair removal. After all, under those sweaters and jackets, unwanted body hair is pretty hard to notice. In reality, though, there may be no better time of the year than autumn to start your professional laser hair removal treatment.

Devotees of laser hair removal agree that the treatments permanently reduce hair regrowth and provide smooth results for months at a time, all after just a few low-stress sessions. However, it’s a mistake to think that bathing suit season is the only time to worry about getting the hair-free look you’re after. Instead, the best way to guarantee that you’ll look your best next year is to think ahead and schedule your initial laser hair removal appointments in the “off-season,” which is just now beginning.

The Advantages of Hair Removal in the Fall

Our hair grows in three phases and, for a period of months, continuous laser sessions are necessary to successfully treat unwanted hair during each phase. To achieve permanent hair removal, or for the longest-lasting results, most laser clinics recommend a minimum of 6-8 treatments that are typically spaced apart by a month. Because of this progression, starting laser hair removal treatments in the fall will enable you to ditch the slacks and roll up your sleeves at the first signs of summer.

Another benefit of fall laser hair removal is that between sessions, treated areas will be protected from over-exposure to sunlight, and from unwelcome stares should any skin irritation occur. Completing the treatment process discreetly and efficiently during the colder months means not missing out on any warm-weather action while waiting for your best results.

Remember to meet with a licensed technician to discuss procedural information and any possible risks before determining your hair removal treatment plan. Start your laser hair removal sessions now and get a jump on next year; it could mean smooth-sailing all summer long!

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