The Laser Days of Summer
Great Deals Make Laser Hair Removal Tempting This Time of Year

For anyone who thinks summertime is the "off-season" in the world of Laser Hair Removal, there are a lot of cosmetic clinics out there who would like to change your mind. The fact is, if you're looking for great discounts and special deals on laser packages, summer just might be the perfect time to take action. The small sacrifices you'll have to make now will seem all the more worthwhile when you're hair-free and counting your savings next summer.

So, what are these small sacrifices, you ask? Well, as you've probably heard, those pursuing laser hair removal are strongly discouraged from suntanning during the course of their treatment sessions. Not only does tanning make the skin more sensitive, but the darker coloration of the skin can alter the effectiveness of your laser treatment from one session to the next. These days, many clinics are equipped with advanced hair lasers that can adjust more easily to darker skin tones. Nonetheless, it's much easier to configure these lasers for a constant skin tone than a rapidly changing one, as is the case with tanned skin.

So, does this mean you have to spend the whole summer on lockdown? Of course not! If you choose to take advantage of a summer laser hair removal deal, you can still have plenty of outdoor fun. Just make sure to use sunscreen (as everyone should anyway) and avoid prolonged sunbathing.

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As you begin looking for a local clinic to handle your laser hair removal treatment, it won't be hard to find some special offers designed to encourage summer customers. Some medical spas and laser clinics will offer half-off savings on laser hair removal in the summer. Others will have "buy one, get one free" or "bring a friend" promotions. Another good thing to look for is deals that combine separate treatments into great package deals. Rather than just paying for a back hair removal or chest hair removal treatment, you might be able to get both for the same price. Some packages even feature a full body hair removal special, allowing patients to get rid of all of their unwanted hair in one fell swoop for an incredibly low cost.

These kind of deals don't tend to pop up as often during other times of the year, so if you're serious about saving big on your laser hair removal treatment, don't be dissuaded by the threat of a "lost summer." You can have the best of both worlds! For more information, and to find out about specific laser hair removal deals available at clinics in your area this summer, give us a call today. Signature Forum's team of knowledgeable customer service liaisons looks forward to taking your call and scheduling you free consultations with the clinics of your choice.

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