Laser Hair Removal & Teens

Understanding the Growing Teenage Trend

It can be difficult for anyone to deal with the potential embarrassment and anxiety brought on by unwanted body hair, but in the especially judgmental landscape of high school, such aesthetic imperfections can be even harder to come to terms with.

As a result, teenagers are becoming an increasingly significant part of the cosmetic hair removal market. For some, it’s as simple as buying razors and waxing supplies, but for others, such traditional methods simply don’t get the results they’re looking for. Whether it's a teen girl hoping to get rid of unsightly facial hair, or a boy looking to shed body hair for the swim team, laser hair removal is now a more popular solution than ever for teens across the country.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teenagers?

With the advances made in laser hair removal safety and effectiveness, the treatment is generally considered a completely viable option for teens, so long as they understand what the procedure entails and have the full consent of their parents. In some cases, unwanted body hair appears as a result of hormonal changes that may or may not carry through into adulthood, so it's imperative for any teen (and their parent) considering laser hair removal to schedule an in-depth consultation with a hair removal specialist first, to make sure the treatment is truly warranted.

Do Teenagers Experience the Same Laser Hair Removal Results as Adults?

When applicable, laser hair removal can work for teens as well as it does for anyone else, and can truly make their daily lives easier and happier. The key is understanding that the procedure’s results are neither immediate nor permanent. Several sessions may be required, and because of the temporary reddening of the skin that follows, it may be wise to schedule one’s appointments over a vacation from school. Also, because teenagers' hair tends to re-grow at a faster rate than adults, teens may generally require more treatment sessions than adults.

Featured Teenage Laser Hair Removal Specialist: Genesis Med Spa

Teenagers of Colorado Spring's Cheyenne Mountain High School can take advantage of 20% off Laser Hair Removal and all other spa treatment packages! Contact us today to learn more about this great opportunity or to learn more about promotions offered in your neck of the woods! You may also call 877.471.8871 for details.

Laser Clinics Offering Special Promotions for Teenage Clients

With demand increasing, laser clinics are not only treating more teenage clients, but they are also offering special discounts for teens and their parents. For example, in Colorado Springs, Genesis Medspa has even created a special laser hair removal promotion for students from the local high school. It's certainly a great way for teens to free themselves of at least a little of the stress that those formative years can bring. Still, just like in school, success starts with doing your homework. So, if you’re a teen or a parent of a teen interested in laser hair removal, get in touch with a specialist in your area before making any final decisions.

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