The Guided Light: Different Types of Hair Lasers

Hello again from SignatureForum’s Laser Hair Removal Newsletter. As summer comes to a close, it may be time to begin thinking about laser hair removal, but the question is, which laser is right for you? Laser hair removal is now available at laser clinics, medical spas, dermatologist offices, and even plastic surgery centers, with each facility having its own preference in hair lasers. By examining the different types of laser technology on the market, you can better determine which one might work best for your unique needs. But remember, the best opinion on hair removal lasers is always that of an experienced industry professional, so always schedule a consultation before drawing any final conclusions.

Popular Laser Technology

The more typical hair removal lasers include the Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser, and Nd:Yag laser. These are some of the most widely used lasers at skin care centers, laser clinics, and medical spas. Each of these lasers have their advantages and disadvantages. As an example, the Nd:Yag is better at treating large areas of the body, but is not as good at removing blonde and gray hair. For all of their differences, though, most of these lasers offer very similar results. The typical hair removal laser is always best suited for removing dark hairs on lighter skin tones.

The Future of Laser Hair Removal

Some of the most effective laser hair removal technology involves combining traditional Diode laser energy with radio frequencies. Laser hair removal works because dark hairs absorb the lasers light, essentially burning the hairs out. This is why most lasers do not work on blonde, white, and gray hairs or on darker skin tones. Lightly colored hairs do not absorb enough light and darker skin tones disperse too much light energy. By combining laser hair removal with radio frequencies, however, more efficient hair removal can be achieved. Radio frequencies work through vibrations. Hairs vibrate rapidly, which generates heat to destroy hair follicles. This means that radio frequencies have no limitation when it comes to hair color or skin tones! Examples of laser and radio frequency technology include the eLaser and Amerilase (available at American Laser Centers).

Another Alternative: Intense Pulsed Light

IPL devices or Intense Pulsed Light function differently than the traditional laser hair removal devices mentioned earlier. Technology like IPL Photofacial is most often associated with skin care treatments for acne or large pores. The same type of technology, however, can also remove unwanted body hair. While not a true laser, Intense Pulsed Light can mimic the effect that a laser creates. IPL is often harder to control, so for the best hair removal results with an IPL machine, only the most skilled technicians will do.

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As always, we hope you enjoyed this edition of SignatureForum's Laser Hair Removal Newsletter. For more info about laser technology, you can contact us or read more about them at Hair Removal Forum. Hair Removal Forum is not only an excellent research tool, but can help guide you to laser clinics and medical spas in your area.

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