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Today, laser manufacturers or laser hair removal machine companies work together to make improvements and find solutions for all hair removal candidates. In fact some hair laser manufacturers work directly with laser clinics in medical trials and tests.

This allows for greater innovation, competition and differentiation for laser hair removal machine manufacturers.

Contact us to find technology

Some poor candidates may like to research the differences in lasers and how they are used. If you feel that you are comfortable in your understanding and wish to find a practice that uses a certain technology please contact us for more information.

Hair removal systems are changing all the time. It makes sense to explore what will work for you and your unique characteristics.

Practitioners contact us to share ideas and support innovation

Also, if you are a practitioner and you are interested in sharing your ideas for study or innovation please feel free to post them here.

Laser manufacturers may find ways to support your research and trials as well as network you with other thought leaders in your field of study. Here are a number of to the websites of laser hair removal machine manufacturers. Also, here is a contact form if you wish us to contact a manufacturer.

Laser Manufacturers

Altus Medical

CoolGlide (Nd:YAG)


GentleLASE (alexandrite)

Lumenis LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System
Diode and IPL Hair Removal Technology
Hoya ConBio
The Medlite TM Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser series

Varia (Nd:YAG)

New Laser Science, Inc.
Dualis XP (Nd:YAG)

Photogenica LPIR (alexandrite/ruby)
Apogee 6200 (alexandrite)
Apogee 9300 (alexandrite)

ESC Sharplan
EpiTouch (ruby)
EpiPulse (ruby)
Epitouch Plus Alex (alexandrite)
EpiLight (flash lamp)
PhotoDerm MultiLight
PhotoDerm VascuLight Plus (flash lamp/Nd:YAG)
IPL Quantum HR (flash lamp)

Focus Medical
Lorad (Nd:YAG)

Apex 800 (diode)

Lyra (Nd:YAG)

Chromos 694 (ruby)


EpiStar (diode)

Opus Medical
F1 Diode Laser

Palomar [Spectrum]
EpiLaser (ruby)
E2000 (ruby)
SLP 1000 (diode)

SpaTouch (flash lamp) [aka DeLight II]

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