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What to Look for with Laser Hair Removal


Most states in the United States require a supervising Medical Director MD to oversee and monitor the administration of the laser treatment.

What is a qualified practice?

The actual treatment is provided most of the time by a nurse or other credentialed practitioner, although that can vary between each laser hair removal clinic. Just ask about credentials and make sure you are comfortable with the knowledge and experience of the practitioner that will be providing your treatment.

As far as equipment goes, there are a wide range of lasers and laser manufacturers. We are working to provide as complete a list as possible of centers and the lasers they use as well as what lasers work best for specific skin types.

Find out your skin type, then contact us here and we will help direct you to the correct laser/center for you.

Another great place to start is the forum, to get suggestions from others who have been down.

Our DoctorFinder only lists doctors with state of the art equipment and board certified or otherwise qualified Medical Director MDs.

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