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Laser Hair Removal for the Chin and Upper Lip

Needless to say, unwanted facial hair on the upper lip or chin can be quite the stigma for a woman in our society. Whether it's the result of a hormonal condition, excess hair density, or simply very dark hair pigmentation, the unsightly appearance of female facial hair has led to a high demand for permanent treatments.

Hair removal with lasers is certainly one of the most popular and effective options available for chin and upper lip hair removal today. These advanced treatments can quickly and completely remove pesky follicles and ingrown facial hairs, leaving your face and upper lip smooth to the touch for years to come. A professional lip or chin laser hair removal procedure is a far cry from old-fashioned methods like shaving and waxing, which irritate the skin and only deliver short-term results. A more advanced at-home option, like Vaniqua cream, is still temporary, and plenty messy. And facial hair bleaching only masks the upper lip problem. Electrolysis on lips and chin is well known to be one of the most painful types of permanent hair removal, leading many patients to stop before a treatment plan is complete. There are other facial hair treatment alternatives popping up every day, but all things considered, nothing stacks up the to the consistent results of advanced hair lasers.

Chin & Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Prices

Though they involve much smaller areas than most body treatments, chin and lip hair removal prices can sometimes be more costly, due to the time, care, and precision required for such delicate work. However, an eventual lip hair removal cost will always depend on the extent of the treatment (i.e., how much hair is being removed), what part of the face is being treated, and what sort of rates a particular laser clinic charges. HairRemovalForum's laser cost comparisons chart is a good resource to use for this subject.

Another factor to keep in mind with your upper lip or chin laser hair removal treatment is your skin and follicle color. Not all clinics are equipped with the advanced lasers necessary for quality blond hair and dark skin procedures. Even a simple upper lip laser hair removal procedure can take considerably longer in such instances, as lasers have to adjust to the melanin in darker skin. Logically, then, the cost of your upper lip or chin procedure could depend on physical characteristics as much as anything.

Laser Hair Removal for PCOS / PCOD

Lasers are a great option for people dealing with unwanted facial hair brought on by hormonal changes, too. Menopause is the common example. But sufferers of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), aka Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), also regularly seek out laser treatments for chin and lip hair removal. You can learn more about upper lip hair treatments for PCOS on our facial hair page.

Does Laser Hair Removal on the Face Hurt?

It's a very common question: is it painful? The fact is, an upper lip or chin laser hair removal treatment can be completed in a manner of minutes, and most patients only experience minimal, tolerable pain akin to a slight rubber band flick. Better still, most if not all laser clinics have numbing creams and cooling devices that can be applied to the upper lip and chin to help ease any potential pain.

For more information on laser hair removal, and to find out how laser treatments work, be sure to explore the wealth of informative resources here at Hair Removal Forum. We can even help schedule you a free consultation with a local clinic specializing in chin and lip laser hair removal!


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