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What You Need to Know About The Laser Hair Removal Experience

Considering laser hair removal? It’s a good way to get rid of unwanted for the long-term, although most people will need an annual touch-up. You probably already know that laser hair removal requires a series of treatment sessions spaced four to six weeks apart, based on your hair’s growth cycle. You also know the procedure isn’t cheap, but the cost works out over the long-term since you aren’t spending money on waxes, shavers and the like. Beyond the basics, here are some additional things you should know before booking that first laser hair removal appointment.

Don’t Cut Corners

Yes, laser hair removal is expensive, but don’t try to save a little money by doing it yourself with a home kit or going to a less than first-rate salon. This is your body, and you want people working on you who really know what they are doing. In inexperienced hands, laser hair removal can have serious side effects, including burned skin.

The Feel

Laser hair removal really doesn’t hurt, although some people will feel more discomfort than others. If you’ve endured Brazilian hot waxing, you can certainly put up with laser hair removal. You may feel some pinching, and the experience has been compared to having the skin snapped with rubber bands. Good technicians do their best to minimize any pain. You may experience swelling after the procedure, especially in the later sessions. That swelling indicates the laser has successfully destroyed your hair follicles.

Stay Out of the Sun

Prior to beginning treatments and for as long as they last, you must stay out of the sun. That includes using tanning beds. If you want to go hairless in summer, as most people do, begin your treatments in early winter. If you do risk sun exposure during treatments, you’re upping the chance of permanent skin discoloration.

Laser Won’t Work on Very Light Hair

Laser hair removal is most effective for those with light skin and dark hair. More sophisticated laser now allows dark-skinned individuals to undergo laser hair removal, but always seek a specialist if your skin is darker. People with blond, gray and red hair aren’t usually candidates for laser hair removal. The laser targets the pigment in the hair, and these shades simply don’t have enough of it.

Environmental Considerations

If you’re concerned about environmental sustainability, that’s another reason to opt for laser hair removal. Once your sessions are over, it’s goodbye to throwing out all the packaging that comes along with other hair removal methods. Laser hair removal is an environmentally friendly thing to do!

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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