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VISS IPL Hair Removal System Review


Every time a new at-home hair removal system is launched, hair removal patients and cosmetic sources excitedly anticipate a possible new and improved way to remove hair in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Now, one of the newest home hair removal devices to zap itself onto the scene is the VISS IPL hair removal system.

Read on to learn more about VISS IPL hair removal, including how it works, and how it compares to the current home laser kingpins, TRIA and Silk'n Sensepil!


What is VISS IPL?

The VISS IPL is a new IPL at-home hair removal system that's now available for online purchase ($545). Like other home laser hair removal devices, VISS IPL is portable, reusable, and it's promising long-term hair removal for its users. But does it deliver?

Unlike TRIA, which uses a standard diode laser to remove unwanted hair, the VISS system uses IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to achieve hair photothermolysis. Silk'n Sensepil uses HPL™ technology, its own branded version of IPL.

When evaluating traditional lasers vs. IPL, the main difference is the range of light wavelengths being used by each. IPL uses a broader spectrum of visible light wavelengths, so the laser spot size is larger, like a flashlamp. By comparison, standard lasers use a smaller spot size due to their single light wavelength beam.

What are the VISS IPL device features?

The VISS IPL system is available in a portable unit system with a handpiece applicator. VISS IPL has 8 adjustable settings to control the light intensity, and uses no batteries or electricity.

VISS IPL's flashlamp applicator uses replaceable lamp cartridges. According to the VISS website, these lamp cartridges have a life of 4,000 flashes or "shots" per bulb, which should cover at least one full-body hair removal treatment.

Since VISS's treatment spot size is larger (3cm x 2cm) than other laser systems, one flash may also go further than non-IPL flashlamp systems. More specifically, VISS product information states that the VISS IPL hair removal system can treat up to 220 hairs every 3.5 seconds (length of lamp bulb's pulse interval).

The VISS IPL also carries the option of purchasing specialized lamp cartridges designed for acne treatment and photorejuvenation!

VISS IPL usage instructions

VISS IPL is reportedly safe for use on both unwanted facial hair and unwanted body hair. Additionally, both male and female patients can use and benefit from the VISS IPL.

The VISS IPL applicator should only be applied to clean, dry skin, and patients must shave treatment areas prior to using the VISS laser. First-time VISS users are advised to test one or two spots with different IPL settings before starting their treatment routine. This should help to ensure that home hair removal patients are using the VISS IPL laser setting best suited for them.

When using the VISS IPL system to remove unwanted hair, patients should be wearing the safety glasses included with the kit. With the device turned on, adjust the light intensity and place the applicator against the skin. When the "ready to flash" indicator alerts patients that the VISS IPL system is ready, they can press the flash button. This process will be repeated until the desired hair removal treatment area has been zapped. Treated skin areas should be slightly overlapped to ensure total coverage of the area with the VISS laser.

Patients may notice a warm, tingling sensation when applying the VISS IPL. If the application becomes painful, patients should discontinue treatment and confirm that they're properly using the VISS IPL hair removal device. Sensitive skinned areas will typically be more susceptible to laser hair removal discomfort and sensations than other areas.

Is VISS IPL Hair Removal Effective?

The question of VISS's efficacy may be difficult to answer unequivocally since the system is still fairly new. However, reviews of the VISS IPL system have so far been promising.

As with any laser hair removal technique, VISS hair removal results aren't permanent. To see the best results, first-time users are advised to initially treat unwanted hair areas with the VISS laser every two weeks. For long-term use, VISS patients may space apart their treatments by a greater margin, as they see fit or as needed.

With VISS IPL, as with any home laser hair removal system, it's highly advisable to read and follow the VISS IPL product manual instructions to the letter. Incorrect usage or ignoring special instructions or contraindications for VISS IPL may lead to an adverse effect for your VISS hair removal results.

VISS IPL hair removal isn't effective on very dark skin and/or light blonde, red or grey hair. Patients can identify their unique skin and hair type by using the Fitzpatrick scale chart.

VISS IPL Risks and Side Effects

There will be risks involved with any laser hair removal treatment method, due to the use of lasers and the unpredictable reaction that different patients can experience with treatment. Additionally, there is always a chance that the level of at-home results won't be comparable to those that professional laser hair removal treatments can achieve.

At a professional hair removal clinic, patients are administered laser hair removal treatments by trained and licensed aestheticians or cosmetic specialists. Thanks to their treatment expertise and their familiarity with patient risk factors and hair removal side effects, professional laser hair removal providers can typically ensure safer, more effective, more personalized laser hair removal services and results.

It's also possible that a VISS IPL patient will experience side effects if they use the VISS home laser system on an incorrect setting, and/or on skin that's injured or infected. Side effects like skin irritations may also occur if VISS IPL patients overtreat a skin area.

Is VISS Home Hair Removal Right for Me?

It's clear why many hair removal patients want to try at-home systems like TRIA, Silk'n Sensepil and VISS IPL. Promises of greater hair removal convenience and lower long-term hair removal costs would attract most anyone! So what's the catch?

Generally, at-home laser hair removal results just aren't as impressive or reliable as those achieved with professional laser hair removal—largely due to less powerful laser technology, patient inexperience, and fewer safeguards and treatment guarantees.

For more help deciding whether or not at-home laser systems are the best choice for you, or to learn more about the pros and cons of professional laser treatments versus at-home laser hair removal, it's wise to meet with a local laser hair removal professional for a consultation.

Even if you are determined to try out an at-home laser system, a professional laser hair removal technician can pinpoint personal risk factors you should be aware of, and even recommend a laser hair removal treatment course for you! They may even have industry insight into which home laser hair removal kits will be most effective, as well as which ones have reputations for being the best for eliminating facial hair versus body hair, for dark skin, etc.

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