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Scam Watch: Ultra Hair Away™ Review


Part of our goal at Hair Removal Forum is to examine so-called “alternative” hair removal products, particularly the ones that are generating a lot of attention. Sometimes, this means taking a closer look at an FDA approved hair removal treatment like the TRIA laser, but it can also mean shedding some light on some products that have used clever internet marketing to mislead or even swindle its consumers. That’s what brings us to today’s Scam Watch subject: Ultra Hair Away™.

The Sad Truth About Hair Removal Scams

A while back, we revealed the numerous flaws in the claims of the Finally Free Hair Removal system. Sadly, that product still ranks #1 in Google search results for the term “permanent hair removal,” meaning many people are still purchasing a “miracle treatment” that only succeeds in taking your money. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t get much better, because just a few spots below Finally Free in those Google results is another at-home hair removal product called Ultra Hair Away. Whereas Finally Free functioned essentially as a glorified set of electric tweezers, Ultra Hair Away appears to be an even simpler, pain-free option: a “topical solution” made from “exotic plant enzymes” that “permanently removes hair.” Yes, Ultra Hair Away comes in a simple spray bottle, and is applied to the skin in the same manner as a dash of cologne. According to its maker, Victoria Body Works, Ultra Hair Away uses the same chemical reactions that cause natural hair loss in order to help coarse body hair transform into baby-fuzz and eventually, disappear completely.

Like so many things in life, if it sounds too good to be true… well, you know the rest. Permanent hair reduction can certainly be accomplished these days, but any dermatologist or esthetician will confirm that a successful hair removal treatment will require a considerable sacrifice of time and money. Both Electrolysis (for small treatment areas) and Laser Hair Removal have gone through well documented research, with proven scientific results and approval from the Food and Drug Administration. This is why professional clinics offer these treatments, and why you can only order treatments like Ultra Hair Away over the internet.

While Ultra Hair Away makes vague references to its own “clinical studies,” these statistics are never revealed on its website, nor do its promoters ever present any evidence that the plant enzymes in the solution have any ability to limit or prevent hair regrowth. This is a common tactic in marketing scams these days, using the concept of a “safe, painless, all-natural solution” as a cheap ploy to entice consumers who are looking for answers and eager to save money.

Think Smart

The first thing one must consider when looking at a “miracle treatment” is, how much would I expect to pay for a treatment that can accomplish what no other at-home hair removal product ever has before? A bottle of Ultra Hair Away costs $50, hardly befitting of a product that, if true to its claims, would be one of the most publicized and sought after cosmetic solutions on the planet.

Still, we would give Ultra Hair Away the benefit of the doubt if not for the numerous negative reviews of the product readily available across countless internet forums, not to mention the parent company’s history with spam campaigns and shady marketing practices.

We would all love to purchase a cheap spray-on product that solves the problem of unwanted body hair, but it’s better to invest in a medically proven treatment than to throw money at a “miracle.” Ultra Hair Away’s celebrity spokesman Jay Cutler may disagree, but then again, this is NOT the Jay Cutler who plays quarterback for the Chicago Bears. It’s actually a body-builder named Jay Cutler; another example of how appearances can be deceiving.

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