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Want Smooth skin? Try This DIY Hair Removal Wax!


These days, waxing is a regular cosmetic industry. Salons and skincare clinics make millions each year just from their hair removal wax procedures and products alone.

Sadly, salons are often all too willing to charge the arm and a leg you probably want to wax in the first place. But did you know there is a growing trend for DIY waxing?

You can even create your own safe and reliable hair removal wax. Follow these five easy steps to make your first supply!

Do It Yourself Hair Removal Wax

Step 1

Heat some sugar using a normal saucepan. Continue to stir until the sugar begins to melt. Allow the sugar to caramelize.

Step 2

Once the sugar is fully melted and caramelized, mix in a few generous drops of honey and lemon juice. At the same time, continue stirring the caramelized sugar mixture until the concoction becomes extremely hot.

While stirring, make sure that your wax mixture is a good consistency. If the wax is too hard, it will render the sugar mixture ineffective for spreading and if it is too soft, the substance will not adhere to your skin properly.

Step 3

If you feel that your wax mixture is somehow a little too thick, simply add a modest amount of water to the saucepan and resume mixing the sugar.

Step 4

If you feel the mixture is ready, simply remove the saucepan from the stove or heating unit. Keep the wax substance at a room temperature for about an hour or so in order to get the mixture to cool down.

Step 5

Once the wax has sufficiently cooled, take a tin container and refrigerate the substance until it is ready for waxing!

Homemade Wax Benefits

There are numerous benefits to producing your own homemade wax, as opposed to acquiring one from the markets. Here are just a few of the advantages.

  • This particular homemade wax is made using only natural ingredients, which will aid in making your skin soft and glow.
  • Homemade wax will not only remove your hair but moisturize your skin in the process.
  • Homemade wax and waxing reduces the production of hair. Consequently, the next time you decide to wax, you will observe that your hair growth has decreased considerably.
  • As an exfoliating agent, this homemade wax will assist in opening the pores throughout your skin and help remove dirt build up on the skin.
  • People are less likely to develop any unfortunate skin rash or nasty infections using homemade wax.

Additional Skin Care

  • Whenever you complete a waxing, apply a moisturizer to the area to ensure healthy skin.
  • Apply everyday talcum power to any area if it starts to turn red or show any signs of irritation. Ice cubes or ice chips will also help reduce any redness.
  • If possible, after waxing, avoid going outside in the sun too much. If unavoidable, routinely apply sunblock.
  • Likewise, avoid hot showers or baths immediately after your waxing sessions so as to circumvent any stripping of vital oils.
  • To prevent drying out the skin, use a damp cloth to moisten and nourish any areas you may have waxed.


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