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TRIA vs Silk'n SensEpil: At-Home Hair Removal Comparison


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Many at-home hair removal devices claim to give you the same results as professional laser hair removal, for a lower cost. But is the cost really lower, and are the results really that great? Let’s take a look at two hot products on the market right now: the Silk’n SensEpilTM and TRIA®.

The Silk’n SensEpilTM uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL), a low level of light energy combined with acoustic effects, to target hair follicles and gradually disable hair growth. Tria also uses a low-grade laser to target melanin, or pigment in the hair, and slow the growth of the hair follicles. Tria claims to use a laser as powerful as the one you’ll find at your doctor’s office, but will cost you around $1000, double the price of the Silk’n unit.

User reviews at e-commerce sites have been mixed for both products. Some users claim to have noticed a gradual reduction in unwanted hair, while others claim to have wasted their money and seen no results whatsoever. Both products advise that those with dark complexions should not use the at-home product, due to the fact that each targets melanin and may therefore not work at all on darker complexions, or may leave the skin discolored. In addition, neither product is FDA approved for the removal of neck or facial hair (neck-down hair removal only).

It is important to note that doctors warn that laser treatments can be dangerous if not performed by trained professionals. Blisters and permanent scarring can occur if an inexperienced user attempts to use laser treatments on themselves. Both the Silk’n SensEpilTM and Tria have been approved by the FDA and released to the U.S. beauty market only within the last year and a half. Clinical laser hair removal treatments, however, are performed by qualified doctors and nurses, and have been time-tested for safe and effective hair removal. If you are looking to remove face or neck hair, only professional professionals are trained to remove hair from these areas. In addition, clinical hair removal is typically very successful on dark complexions.

Finally, it is always important to meet with a licensed laser hair removal specialist to discuss your medical history, any existing skin conditions, and potential risks or side effects before beginning treatment. A professional will help you make an informed decision as to whether laser hair removal is the right option for you.

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