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NoNo! vs TRIA: Home Laser Hair Removal Showdown


No!No! Hair Removal system is one of the newest at-home hair removal products designed to gradually reduce the time you spend on hair maintenance. No!No!’s heat energy technology reduces long-term hair growth, allowing you to go for longer periods of time without shaving or waxing. TRIA, which has been on the market since 2009, uses laser technology to remove hair with an at-home laser device. The product reportedly delivers permanent hair removal after a series of uses.

So, which is better? TRIA or No!No!? Are either one of them worth using? Let’s take a closer look.

TRIA vs. No!No!: How the Products Work

TRIA uses laser energy to zap hair at the root to keep it from growing back. The hand-held TRIA device offers five different laser energy settings, allowing users to customize the amount of energy they use based on the thickness and color of their individual hair. Rather than using laser light energy, No!No! uses heat energy. No!No! utilizes the patented Thermicon technology, which conducts heat into unwanted hairs. The thermal energy breaks down the hair shaft.

TRIA vs. No!No!: Ease of Use

Both TRIA and No!No! are easy to use. Before using the TRIA device, users must clean, shave, and towel-dry the skin of the area to be treated. Then, users select the highest laser setting that suits their comfort level. (It may take a couple of uses to determine the best setting for you.) Finally, users will hold the laser tip on the TRIA device on the skin, listening for a “beep.” With each beep, you move the laser over the skin in a smooth motion. You’ll keep doing this until the entire area has been treated.

It typically takes about 10-15 minutes to treat smaller areas like the bikini line or underarms. To treat upper and lower legs with TRIA may take 20 minutes each. Users should expect to continue treatments once every two weeks for six to eight months, or until the hair no longer grows back.

No!No! should also be used on clean, dry skin, although users should not shave first. You will need to attach the correct-sized blade tip (the manufacturer provides one for hair between 2-3mm in length and another for short hair, around 1mm in length) before treatment. You will hold the device at a 90-degree angle to the skin, and slowly move it in a line toward the body. Whereas TRIA uses a beep, No!No! uses a light on the front of the device that will turn green when you use the product correctly.

You may have to use the No!No! device more than once over the same area to remove all of the hair. Therefore, it may take slightly longer to treat an area with No!No! than with TRIA. When you first start using No!No!, you will likely need to use it 2-3 times per week. This should reduce over time. However, No!No! is not meant for permanent hair loss, so users should expect to use the device up to four times per month, indefinitely.

TRIA vs. No!No!: Effectiveness

Both TRIA and No!No! reportedly work for all skin and hair types. But do they really work? Some users of No!No! report that the product does increase the length of time skin stays smooth between treatments. However, this is only after using the product multiple times per week and combining with traditional shaving during the initial stages of treatment.

TRIA can be difficult for inexperienced, at-home users to perform correctly. Additionally, its lasers aren’t as strong as what you get when you receive in-office laser hair removal treatments. Thus, TRIA works for some users, but not for others.

Neither No!No! nor TRIA are approved for facial hair removal.

TRIA vs. No!No!: Cost

No!No! generally retails from $175-200 and can be purchased from Sephora and other retailers. In addition to the initial purchase, new packages of Thermicon blades sell for $20-25, and additional accessories such as new buffers and soothing cream may also add to your cost-over-time.

The complete TRIA kit sells from $600-1000.

TRIA vs. No!No!: Side Effects

No!No! Hair Removal is reportedly pain-free and low-risk. Many consumers complained about the burning hair smell, but the heat should not be palpable to the skin. There is a risk of accidental burns if you misuse No!No!, but if the device is used correctly and on recommended areas, you should not have to worry about burns.

TRIA does carry a little more risk than No!No! If the TRIA device is not used properly, you could burn your skin with the product’s laser. The manufacturer has created safety features in the TRIA device to prevent the laser from activating if safety conditions are not met, but there is risk to using laser devices without a professional.


Both No!No and TRIA are viable at-home hair removal options, that may work for certain individuals. No!No! can be time-consuming at first, but eventually helps lengthen the time between shaves; however, it doesn’t permanently remove hair. TRIA’s success rates are high for some, and low for others, and there is some risk involved with self-application of laser energy. If you are looking for the safest solution and longest relief from hair growth, you may want to consider professional laser hair removal. Professional laser hair removal is time-tested to effectively eliminate hair, and it can be used on sensitive areas like the face and bikini area. Ultimately, you’re hair removal choices are up to you, and will depend on your needs and budget. To assess all options with a local, licensed hair removal specialist, contact us for a free consultation today!

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