` Tria and GentlePro Lasers Treat Darker Skin Tones
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Tria and GentlePro Lasers Treat Darker Skin Tones


According to the National Laser Institute, African American women and others with darker skin types were traditionally discouraged when it came to laser hair removal due to the method’s early reputation of damaging darker skin.

“The truth is that advances in laser technology and technique have caused an explosion in the demand for these treatments by consumers with dark skin types,” reports the institute.

With new age equipment ever changing, skin experts are constantly devising stronger devices with the TRIA Hair Removal Laser Precision—Dove, recently taking over the scene. InStyle magazine touted the new product in May 2014, writing “prayers for the peach fuzz-plagued are answered.” Since a doctor’s strength diode laser is now available for at home use, customers are giving rave reviews after only three uses.

“After the third treatment, I noticed less and less hair and it took longer to grow back,” wrote a customer named Christine. “After the fifth treatment it was almost totally gone. It’s kind of unbelievable when you think it will grow back and it doesn’t.”

Manufactured by ULTA Beauty, the product promotes a professional-strength laser. “It targets the pigment in your hair and permanently disables the hair follicle’s ability to regrow hair,” reports ULTA, noting clinical studies confirm customer reviews with studies showing up to 70% permanent hair removal in three months.

As the TRIA makes its debut, another product preferred for darker skin tones is also gaining attention in the beauty industry. “Thanks to a new innovation, women of all skin tones and hair colors can finally take advantage of permanent laser hair removal,” reported Latina of the GentleMax Pro Laser. Neither gender specific, even guys can take advantage of zapping away hair with the easy-to-use tool.

“If he has dark skin and/or coarse hair, he probably gets pesky ingrown and razor burn on his neck from daily shaving. Using the GentleMax Pro on these areas as well as other areas, like his back, will mean that he’ll no longer have to worry about discomfort,” reported Latina.

Manufactured by Candela, the device is designed for more than just hair removal, also treating facial and leg veins, as well as tightening the skin. However, unlike the self-use TRIA system, the device can only be used by doctors. Although a visit to the doctor is worth it according to the medical director of Zel Skin and Laser Specialists.

“I’ve used most all of the other lasers, and I still think it’s the best one out there for hair removal,” Dr. Brian Zelickson told the Hair Removal Journal.

Between the TRIA and GentlePro, darker toned types can now benefit from laser hair removal without changing the color of their skin, making it a lot easier to literally lighten up.

If you or someone you know would like more information about laser hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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