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Am I Too Young for Laser Hair Removal?


It makes sense that most teenagers are not good candidates for cosmetic surgery, because their bodies are still developing. But what about other types of cosmetic treatments, such as laser hair removal? Many teens want to know if there is a minimum age for laser hair removal treatments. Of course, opinions will vary from one person to the next (and one parent to the next), but laser hair removal is proven very safe and many teens are good candidates for the treatment. There are some caveats, however, and several guidelines followed by hair removal specialists.

Treating Teens

While many hair removal specialists will treat teenagers, some will not. There are many reasons why some professionals will not perform laser hair removal on adolescents. First, the hair removal specialist is competing against hormones. A teenager’s hormones can cause hair to grow rapidly, even after hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal works to treat currently growing hair, so it does not affect hair that will develop in the time following treatment. Therefore, the results may not be as successful as they would be for adults. Since laser hair removal can be expensive, many teens and parents opt for cheaper methods of hair removal until hormones balance out post-adolescence.

However, if teenage patients understand that hormones may impact the effectiveness of the treatments, and may create a need for more hair removal sessions, laser hair removal can be a great way for teens to eliminate unwanted hair. It is a good idea to speak with a laser hair removal specialist to determine whether he or she has experience treating teens.

Minimum Age for Laser Hair Removal

Most cosmetic specialists will not offer laser hair removal to patients under the age of 12. There are several reasons why laser hair removal treatments are not recommended for children. First, it can be difficult for children to sit still for the full treatment. Laser hair removal sessions can take anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour to complete.

Second, despite the safety of laser hair removal, there are some risks, which can be particularly problematic for kids. First, the treatments can cause burning or pigmentation changes in the skin. Additionally, laser hair removal usually involves a certain level of discomfort. Most children’s skin is more sensitive than an adults’, and they may not be able to tolerate what is a minimal level of discomfort for grown-ups.

Parents of children with excess body hair should consult with a laser hair specialist who has experience working with children under 12. Some hair removal professionals specialize in working with children and will be able to provide advice on your situation.

Hair Removal Consultation

There are so many options available in laser hair removal treatments today, making it easier for specialists to tailor sessions to individuals with varying skin and hair types. If you are looking for hair removal services for your teen, speak with your hair removal specialist about the options available. Laser hair removal may not be as effective for your teenager as it would be for an adult, but it is safe and will effectively reduce the amount of unwanted hair.

If you think laser hair removal might be an option for your teen or for you, HairRemovalForum provides listings of experienced hair removal providers near you. Set up your consultation to find out if laser hair removal is the right option.

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