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Tired of Shaving Your Underarms? Laser Hair Removal Could Be The Solution


Is there anything more annoying than constantly having to get rid of the hair under your arms? Well...yes, actually, there are plenty of things that are more annoying than that. Like standing in line at the post office or going to the dentist. But nonetheless, getting rid of underarm hair is a hassle that most of us would rather not deal with.

For most woman, shaving is the preferred option, as it can be done quickly either during a shower or shortly after. But shaving is far from a perfect method, since it can cause irritation and lead to pain nicks and cuts. Other people choose to wax their underarm hair, but that can be incredibly painful for the more sensitive among us. Plus, you have to let the hair grow out before it can be waxed, which means there will be several days of ickiness leading up to a waxing session.

Given these complications, many women are turning to laser hair removal when it comes to their underarm areas. In this treatment, intense beams of light are used to destroy hair follicles and prevent new hairs from growing in the future. And the best part? With laser hair removal, hair is permanently eliminated, so you can forget about shaving and waxing for the rest of your life.

So is laser hair removal the perfect solution for getting rid of unwanted hair? Maybe, maybe not. Take a look at the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

The Good

In addition to being permanent, laser hair removal is also relatively pain free. Sure, people who get the procedure done often complain of a little tenderness in the treated area, especially in a sensitive spot like under the arms. But it's still nothing compared to the pain of waxing. Also, a single laser treatment is over in no time flat. Oftentimes, women are able to get in and out in under half an hour, making it incredibly convenient. You could even go during your lunch break from work.

The Bad

Unfortunately, laser hair removal isn't ideal for everybody. Because the technology works off of contrast, it works best for women with light skin and dark hair. While there are alternative types of lasers that can work better for all skin/hair color combinations, not all facilities carry them. Also, if you get a technician that isn't as well trained, the procedure can go horribly wrong, leading to burning and scarring. Additionally, even if the treatment is successful, most people need between three and five treatments before the hair removal becomes permanent, making it pretty expensive at $200 to $400 per session.

So is laser hair removal the best way to get rid of underarm hair? Not surprisingly, the people who have had it done rave about the results. Sure, it can be expensive, but it's a small price to pay for never having to shave or wax your underarms ever again.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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