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The Risks of Nose Hair Removal


It may not be the prettiest subject matter, but the fact remains: nasal hair removal is a major concern for some people. Nose hair tends to grow longer as we get older, spilling out the sides of our nostrils and making unwelcome appearances in bright lights. Like so many other clusters of hair on the body, nasal hairs serve the purpose of keeping dust and unwanted organisms out of your orifices. But given the special location of the hair, nose hair removal can be dangerous. Read on to learn more about the safety of removing hair from your inner schnozz, and—if you must—the best ways to get the job done.

Nose Hair and “Triangle of Death”

”The Triangle of Death” is a phrase popularized by Dr. Oz on his daytime program. He uses it to refer to the triangular-shaped area encompassing the mouth, nose, and surrounding sinus passages. The area is chock-full of flourishing bacteria, viruses, and other things that make us prone to feeling under the weather. Nasal hair plays an important role in The Triangle of Death by swishing bacteria back and forth. The motion keeps the good in and the bad stuff far away from the lungs. "You don't ever want to touch anything in there with an infection," said Dr. Oz. "Because you know where the veins drain? Your brain."

But eyelashes, eyebrows, and pubic hair serve the same purpose, don't they? These hair-heavy areas may have needed the protection in the past, when living conditions were less sanitary and medical treatment wasn’t exactly advanced. Nowadays, humans can easily—and healthily—exist without these concentrations of body hair.

Removing Nose Hair

The most common way to remove nose hair is by using special nose-hair trimmers or scissors to trim excess hair. It’s painless, it’s inexpensive, and by most people’s standards, it gets the job done. But trims don’t cut it for everyone, especially if your nasal hair grows quickly or you just hate doing the deed.

Tweezing is another simple DIY method, but any seasoned plucker can tell you that it’s pretty painful. Plus, it’s not the cleanest place to be exposing your pores: “Pulling the fibers can cause a bad infection,” says Robert Pincus, an otolaryngologist at the New York Sinus Center. “Your nose is not a sterile place.”

Waxing is an increasingly popular and appealing to choice to many nose-growers, particularly women (who are already familiar with the temporary hair removal method). An aesthetician places a dab of wax just inside of the nose using a popsicle stick, then removes it with a cloth. The process is only painful for a moment, and hair stays at bay for up to a month.

Laser Hair Removal for The Nose

Laser hair removal is seldom performed on the interior part of the nose. Although the laser would be effective, it also poses the risk of damaging mucus membranes inside of the nose. Damaged mucus membranes may result in respiratory problems as well as drainage issues—yuck! However, laser hair removal is a viable option for people with excess hair growing on the outside of their nose.

Hair Removal Forum specializes in providing free, useful laser hair removal information. While laser hair removal for the nose may be a no-go, the procedure is successfully performed on the eyebrows, chin, upper lips, and many other places on the body. Use our directory to find a certified laser hair removal specialist in your area, or contact us to schedule a free consultation in your area!

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