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Teen Laser Hair Removal


Adolescence isn't an easy time for anyone, but it can be made more difficult by blips in the hormonal scale such as acne and unwanted hair. With the increased prevalence and affordability of certain cosmetic treatments today, teens have started following in the footsteps of adult peers, by partaking in aesthetic procedures to fight the signs of aging and problem skin. While teens receiving cosmetic surgery is still frowned upon by some, the industry's non-surgical cosmetic treatments are getting more and more teen devotees, and parents are showing more support.

Hairy Times for Teens?

Aside from teen acne treatments and facial rejuvenation, laser hair removal is probably the top non-surgical procedure for teenagers today. The social pressures facing teens can be plenty to deal with already, without also having to fret over unsightly body hair. After all, no cheerleader wants to have prickly legs when she's cheering at a home game, and no male swimmer wants to stress about unruly back hair when he's at a team meet. Some teenagers even suffer from hirsutism (excessive hair growth), that can cause great embarrassment and discomfort for teens because of the unnatural and noticeable places the hair can crop up.

Maybe that's why more parents today are supporting laser hair removal and other non-surgical treatments for their kids; because it can provide a good boost to teens' self esteem, and also prevent distraction from more important things like schoolwork and extracurriculars. Additionally, because laser hair removal is so low-risk, teens can benefit from the results even though their skin is often more sensitive than that of adults.

Laser Hair Removal: Worth the Cost?

Drawbacks of teen laser hair removal largely hinge on the cost of the procedures. Parents usually have to cover the expense of laser hair removal, but in some cases, working teens can split costs with parents to gain some financial responsibility for their choices. A laser hair removal package can often make a great present for teens, such as a daughter who wants to be hair-free for a semester abroad, or a son who's eager to get rid of excessive chest hair before summer vacation. For parents who are understanding of their teen's cosmetic hang-ups, but who aren't comfortable with their child going under the knife, laser hair removal is a great compromise.

To learn more about how laser hair removal can safely benefit teens, both parent and child can schedule a consultation at a trusted laser clinic. During the consultation, the registered nurse, doctor, or laser technician performing the treatments will be able to answer questions from parents and teens about the procedure and its possible risks.

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