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Laser Hair Removal for Swimmers


Competitive swimmers need sleek, smooth bodies that can move effortlessly through water. The less resistance, the better. This is one of the main reasons that swimmers have taken to shaving off all body hair that is exposed to the water, meaning everything that is not covered by a swimsuit is removed. The smallest hair can be the difference between a win or a loss, a mere nano-second improvement can make or break a race (i.e. Michael Phelps’s one-hundredth of a second win in the 100-meter butterfly at the Beijing Olympics.) Clearly, hair removal and swimming go hand in hand, but what is the best way to achieve that smooth physique?

Most swimmers resort to traditional shaving before a race, but this routine can become tedious. Some swimmers use laser hair removal as an effective means of reducing their hair growth, making it unnecessary to shave, wax or tweeze. In fact, when it comes to swimming, laser hair removal may be the best method for athletes, since it greatly cuts down on maintenance in the long run.

Why Do Swimmers Remove Body Hair?

Basic physics tells us that any form of friction will slow an object down. Water applies a force to swimmers as they speed through the pool. Hair removal is a swimming tactic that reduces skin friction, frontal resistance and eddy resistance, while simultaneously enhancing propulsion. The traditional method of hair removal for swimmers is the shave and taper technique, where swimmers clip and shave all the hair on their body. While this has shown to be effective and cost efficient, the process can take a while, and it needs to be performed every few days. A great option for swimmers is laser hair removal, a hassle-free way to remove body hair without worrying about stubble returning after a couple days.

Swimmers and Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing have always been convenient, at-home ways to get rid of hair, but swimmers no longer need to waste their valuable practice time with these temporary hair removal methods. Laser hair removal is a quick and relatively painless procedure that uses advanced laser technology to penetrate deep under the skin to hair follicles and zap them away. The treatment requires at least six to eight sessions to achieve the desired results, and these appointments are usually spread out over a few weeks. After the procedure is complete, patients are left with a 90 percent reduction in hair growth, meaning skin is smooth and soft for a longer period of time. Even though it doesn’t permanently stop hair growth for swimmers, laser hair removal is a nice alternative to the daily hassles of shaving.

Swimmers can benefit greatly from laser hair removal. Not only will their bodies stay hair-free for longer, but when hair does return, it is generally much thinner and easy to remove. The one thing to remember is that not all swimmers are ideal candidates for laser hair removal. The laser works best on people with light skin and dark hair, so tan skin and fair hair may require more treatments or another hair removal method such as electrolysis or IPL. If you are a swimmer interested in laser hair removal, it is important to consult with a certified specialist before getting treatment. A hair removal professional can assess your skin type and hair color, answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the information you need about laser hair removal.

Swimmers no longer have to rely on the traditional forms of hair removal to maintain their aero-dynamic bodies. Laser hair removal for swimmers can greatly improve their performance in the water. To locate a laser hair removal specialist in your area or to learn more about this hair removal treatment, contact us today.

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