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The Male Brazilian: Sunga Wax + Laser Hair Removal

Waxing is generally thought of as a popular way for females to remove unwanted hair. But in truth, plenty of today's men are going the neat and hair-free route as well. From back hair removal, to facial hair removal, to pubic hair removal, men are starting to close the smooth, well-groomed gap between them and their female counterparts. Of course, shaving and tweezing are becoming more passé every day for both genders. Methods like waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis are now leading the pack in terms of effective, long-lasting hair removal.

Male Brazilian Hair Removal

So, what is Brazilian hair removal, or more commonly, Brazilian waxing? What does the treatment entail for men? A form of bikini hair removal, the Brazilian method is known for removing even more hair than the bikini technique. Thought to have originated in Brazil and designed to make the most of the locally popular scanty bikinis, the Brazilian wax quickly caught on in the U.S. soon after. Needless to say, scandalous bikinis weren't only the rage among females in Brazil. Male beachgoers are also known to sport minimal coverage in the form of Speedos and the newer bathing suit trend, the Sunga. The Sunga has become a phenomenon in of itself, leading Brazilian waxing for men to be loosely termed the "Sunga" wax. The Sunga bathing suit is similar to a Speedo, but it's supposedly designed for increased comfort, and to better enhance and flatter the area in question.

The Brazilian wax is now performed for both men and women at many spas and clinics throughout the country. Men who undergo the treatment might be choosing it for personal aesthetic reasons, for a more beach-friendly look, or even for their career; professional male athletes, particularly swimmers, dislike the look and inconvenience that comes with excess body hair. Ever since the popularity of bikini waxing in our culture spiked, so has bikini laser hair removal seen tremendous growth. While the process of removing hair on the bikini line is implemented differently with wax versus laser technology, the treatments both boast successful results for men and women.

The Next Development: Sunga Laser Hair Removal

With the Sunga wax being performed more often these days for men in the U.S., as well as in South America and Europe, it is safe to assume that Sunga laser hair removal will only follow in its footsteps. The biggest concern for most men seeking Brazilian hair removal is the pain factor, and of course, possible harm to their unmentionables. It's fair to say that pain is almost implicit in Brazilian waxing for men, and that there are some worrisome safety risks associated with waxing that oh-so-sensitive area. This is a circumstance that could tilt the scales towards Sunga laser hair removal, or Brazilian laser hair removal for men. Waxing is already painful on more desensitized areas like the legs and arms. So, of course, it's reasonable to assume Sunga waxing the delicate skin on and around the genitals is even riskier. A ban on Brazilian waxing was even proposed in New Jersey, following the hospitalization of some patients who developed severe infections after treatment.

Brazilian laser hair removal for men doesn't make use of any wax or tools to painfully rip out hair. Rather, it uses the intensity of focused laser energy to non-forcibly disable unwanted pubic hair at the root. If length of results is the main deciding factor for choosing a treatment, laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair for up to 2 years after a handful of sessions, depending on your individual hair type.

Sunga Hair Removal, The Safe & Successful Way

Whether you're seeking the Brazilian Sunga wax, or Brazilian laser hair removal for men, to slip comfortably into your favorite Speedo this summer, it's best to go through a licensed professional. To ensure the safest, best results, it is imperative to inform yourself about waxing or laser hair removal procedures before undergoing treatment. The best way to ensure you have all the information you need, and that you're making smart treatment choices is by consulting with a trusted hair removal provider in your area. They can help you determine if you're a candidate for certain hair removal procedures, and recommend the one that will yield your best results. Also, remember to follow all of their guidelines and instructions to avoid possible side effects, as well as poor hair removal results.

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