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Sugaring vs Waxing: Hair Removal Debate


Sugaring and waxing are two of the most popular hair removal methods available today. Both techniques involve the application of a solution to the skin which is torn off with a cloth or plastic strip. The question of Which is better?” depends largely on the individual. In terms of efficacy, neither is “better” than the other. Each method, done properly, will result in the body hair being pulled out by its root, and will not change the rate of regrowth.

The question to ask is, “Which is better for you?” To determine that, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Sugaring Benefits

The primary advantage of sugaring is that it is reported to cause less pain than waxing. When applied, the sugar solution adheres to just the hair and dead skin, unlike wax, which also glues itself to living skin. When you tear off a sugar strip, you’re not pulling off a layer of skin. This means, should you miss a few hairs on the first pull, you can resugar that area as many times as you please. With waxing, however, multiple pulls can result in raw skin and even bleeding.

Another reason that sugaring causes less pain is in the technique. While wax is removed against the grain, the sugar solution is removed in the direction of growth. This puts less strain—and less pain—on the skin.

Sugaring is also safer than waxing. The sugar solution is applied lukewarm, so there’s no chance of burning yourself, like with wax. Since bacteria breeds in wax and not in sugar, there’s less risk for infection with sugar. While wax for hair removal is made from a complex formula of artificial ingredients, sugaring is done with a mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice, and can have additives of essential oils. Because it is composed of natural ingredients, the sugar solution offers a lower chance of causing an allergic reaction.

Benefits to Waxing

For do-it-yourselfers, waxing is a bit easier than sugaring. Wax kits are abundant online and at most beauty salon shops, and they come with all the essential tools. Sugaring, on the other hand, can be a bit of a pain, since you’ll need to mix the solution yourself, and you’ll need to mix it correctly. Get it wrong and the solution will not stick to your hair, resulting in nothing more than a big sugary mess. Fortunately, since the mixture is water soluble, it’s a mess that’s easy to clean.

For salon-goers, finding a salon that offers waxing is much easier than finding one that offers sugaring, and because of that, sugaring is often $5-$10 more expensive.

A Combination of the Two

Of course, there’s nothing that precludes you from using both techniques. Many women wax their legs and save the sugaring for more tender areas of the skin, such as the bikini line.

If both sugaring and waxing sound altogether like too much work, and a more permanent solution is your goal, laser hair removal might be the way to go. If so, Hair Removal Forum can also help you locate and schedule a free consultation with a leading laser clinic near you.

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