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Is Sugaring a Superior Hair Removal Option?


In the ongoing quest to get rid of unwanted body hair, sugaring is an often-overlooked solution. Typically, most of the debate surrounding the issue is devoted to the pros and cons of the tried-and-true methods, shaving and waxing. While these options are far and away the most popular, sugaring has a number of benefits that you may not know about.

Sugaring Explained

For the uninitiated, sugaring is method of removing hair that involves a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water. Similar to waxing, the sugar-based solution is applied to the treatment area, allowed to set and then pulled off, bringing the unwanted hair along for the ride. But sugaring is fundamentally different from waxing in a number of very important ways.

For starters, sugaring products don't react with our bodies the same way that wax does. While wax sticks to skin cells as well as the hair, sugar-based solutions typically don't adhere very well to skin. Therefore, when the sugar is removed, it doesn't pull at the skin and cause irritation the way that waxing does. Moreover, sugaring doesn't require you to go against the natural grain of your hair. With sugaring, hair is pulled out the same way that it grows, which can dramatically cut down on the pain.

The Downsides of Sugaring

Unfortunately, no hair removal method is entirely perfect, and sugaring definitely has its drawbacks. For starters, you have to let your hair grow out to around an eighth of an inch in order to be treated. So if you're accustomed to shaving every day and having hairless legs or underarms, then the week or two leading up to your appointment could be aggravating.

Additionally, even though sugaring may not be as painful as waxing, most people don't find it to be particularly pleasant either. Sadly, sugaring can be uncomfortable, especially at the beginning of a treatment session when you don't know what to expect.

If you go in for a sugaring treatment at a salon, the process can also be time-consuming. While there are some establishments that can have you in and out in less than half an hour, many salons take a full hour for sugaring. And while there are at-home kits that you can use, it's probably best to let a professional take the reins, at least until you understand the basics of the procedure.

All in all, however, sugaring is a highly effective hair removal option. Also, since the sugaring solution is made from food products, it's environmentally friendly as well. If you'd like to experience sugaring firsthand, then check out the salons in your area to see if they offer sugaring treatments.

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