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Soprano Laser Offers Hair Removal without the Sting


Hair removal lasers have a longer past than most people realize. Early experiments in “photoepilation” began in the 1970’s, and it took over twenty years for models to pass the rigorous US standards for commercial use. Since then millions have found freedom from constant waxing, shaving, and ingrown hairs by visiting laser hair removal clinics for permanent reduction of pesky body hair. All lasers aren’t created equal though, and the Soprano laser with SHR technology is earning a reputation as one of least painful and most versatile hair removal lasers currently on the market. Its secret? A lower energy approach that is redefining industry standards.

All laser treatments target the dark melanin in hair which absorbs more heat than the lighter skin around it, stunting hair follicles without damaging skin. Most commercial lasers use a high amount of particle energy, or “fluence,” and a low number of pulses. This approach effectively damages hair roots in a couple wallops but can cause painful sensations sometimes compared to being snapped with a rubber band. When making Soprano though, Alma opted for a lower fluence and higher repetition, meaning heat energy builds gradually rather than unleashing a single powerful zap. Dr. Ziv Karni, the founder and CEO of Alma Lasers, explained the system to PRWeb, “Soprano is like lifting a small weight many times, while other technologies are similar to lifting a 1 ton brick. Soprano removes hair just as well as other lasers, but does so without the high sensation of pain or adverse effects.”

The benefit of a less intense laser is two-fold. Aside from the pain aspect, the lower fluence of the Soprano laser makes it safer for a wider range of skin types. Because dark melanin is the focus of laser energy during treatment, those with higher pigmentation risk absorbing more heat energy under traditional laser treatments. With the Soprano approach though, more energy gets built up on the root rather than dangerously dispersing into skin tissue. This allows people of all skin colors, including those with deep tans, to enjoy the benefits of a hair-free lifestyle.

With the recent sale of the 7,000th Soprano model laser, SHR feels that it’s safe for a little self-congratulations. “Even according to the most conservative estimates, millions of people in nearly every country have used the Soprano for hair removal,” notes Dr. Ziv Karni. “The sale of 7,000 systems is a clear sign that practitioners and their clientele are seeking the Soprano and SHR technology for virtually pain free laser hair removal.”

Of course Alma’s CEO isn’t the only one who appreciates the Soprano. Fans of the device include Dr. Martin Braun of Vancouver Laser Center, who declared to Laser Hair Group, “I believe SHR is the first innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. We are now able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain.” Dr. John Hamel, MD, a cosmetic specialist from North Carolina, also praised the device, stating, “It is my professional opinion the Alma Lasers SopranoXL SHR 810 diode is way ahead of its time and the gold standard for laser hair removal.”

But as Alma’s vaunted laser continues to treat patients to effective and pain free hair solutions, competitors loom. IPL hair removal, electrolysis, and dozens of at home hair remedies prove that the only true winner in the hair removal market is the consumer themselves. Interested in learning more about permanent hair reduction via laser hair removal? Contact us today! Our Hair Removal Forum representatives can schedule you a free appointment at a skincare clinic near you!

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