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Skarp Razor: The Future of Shaving


The future of shaving is here now, but may not stay.

Since inventing the Skarp Razor, a bladeless shaving tool that removes hair by laser rather than steel, inventors Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun were unable to get the device to disintegrate light-colored hair rather than just wiping away dark facial strands.

“The device which bills itself as the worlds first-ever razor powered by a laser, had raised more than $4 million since launching on Kickstarter last month,” reports Entrepreneur. “Kickstarter suspended the campaign, claiming the company broke the rules by offering a physical product as a reward without having a working prototype.”

“He always wanted to invent a consumer razor but needed to solve the light-colored-hair problem first. Now he and his partner Paul Binun say they have. They said they have found a part of the hair molecule, no matter what color, that can be identified and cut by a particular wavelength of light,” reports Business Insider.

With a March 2016 market date, the Skarp price would be $159. However, Skarp “violated the site's rules,” by promising a product that did not exist and was asked to go. Picking right back up where they left off on “Indiegogo, a site that's more known for its buyer-beware fundraising terms,” advertised the laser razor, “raising over $100,000 in its first 10 hours.”

According to Oliver Pearce-Owen, Kickstarter never should have taken it down. “After pressure from special interests lobbying Kickstarter regarding the stage of our working prototype, Kickstarter applied a rule in a way it is not applied to others,” said Pearce-Owen. “A rule which if applied, would warrant the removal of the majority of the campaigns on Kickstarter.”

Leading the company to believe the product “looked great” upon posting, thousands responded immediately praising the product with their investments. “However we were suspended without any warning & have now been locked out without the chance to communicate with our tens of thousands of supporters,” said Owen-Pearce adding Indiegogo’s support is key to success. “They believe in the Skarp Razor as much as we do!”

But Skarp is still less than honest, according to The Verge. “Commenters on Indiegogo seem aware but ambivalent about the potential for Skarp not to follow through on its promises,” according to the media outlet.

"You gotta do better than that piss green video with a 2-minute shave for a wrist," writes user Mike King, adding he hopes Skarp will at come through and manufacture at least one razor “that delivers the quick and easy shave you promised."

Seemingly sorry for dropping Skarp, a Kickstarter representative said the crowdfunding site would be willing to bring back the laser razor, if and only if, “they could submit a project that is focused on developing a prototype, as long as they don't offer the razor itself as a reward,” reports The Verge.

While there is obvious risk with crowdfunding, the reward outweighs the possible loss with thousands pledging their trust and funds. “Whether or not Skarp can actually build a product that achieves anything like their ambitious claims is currently in doubt, but the company has at least found individuals willing to believe its pitch,” adds The Verge.

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