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Silk'n Edge Review: SensEpil for Men


Ever since its launch, the Silk’n Sensepil has become a home hair removal sensation that has even rivaled TRIA, the first FDA approved home hair removal device of its kind. While many female patients took to the Silk’n Sensepil readily, potential male hair removal users weren’t as enthusiastic about wielding the hot pink hair zapper itself. Hence, the Silk’n Pro and Silk’n Edge were born.

Silk’n Sensepil vs. Silk’n Edge: What’s Different?

Guys, no longer must you shamefully sneak hair removal treatments with your wife or girlfriend’s fuchsia Sensepil. The Silk’n Edge is the Sensepil re-imagined for the well-groomed man. But the Silk’n Edge isn’t exclusively for the guys; ladies who aren’t wild about pink can choose the Silk’n Pro, the unisex branded version of the Silk’n Edge.

The Silk’n Edge provides a sleek new look and a gender-neutral blue and white color scheme. The Silk’n Edge can also be purchased with 2, 3 or 4 flashlamp cartridges already included, to give Silk’n Edge users extra ammo against unruly unwanted hair.

Another new benefit of the Silk’n Edge is its ability to safely remove facial hair below the cheekbones. While the original Sensepil was only recommended for body hair removal, the Silk’n Edge and Silk’n Pro were deemed appropriate for removing upper lip hair, as well as hair from the jawline and sideburn areas.

If you are tired of working so hard to get that perfect close shave, and to keep it, perhaps male facial hair removal with the Silk’n Edge can help. However, if you think you may want to grow out a beard or mustache some time in the future, it’s not recommended that you use the Silk’n Edge for permanent beard removal.

Silk’n Sensepil vs. Silk’n Edge: What’s the Same?

According to Silk’n product info, the Silk’n Pro hair removal system and the Silk’n Edge are very similar to the original Sensepil. Both still use IPL hair removal technology, aka Silk’n’s patented HPL™ or Home Pulsed Light technology to remove unwanted hair.

Like the Sensepil, the Silk’n Pro and the Silk’n Edge come in the form of a handheld electronic device that uses replaceable IPL flashlamp cartridges. The Edge device settings and laser intensities are also the same as they were on the original Sensepil hair removal model, allowing laser hair removal users to increase or decrease treatment intensity as needed. Silk’n Edge risks and usage instructions are also widely unchanged from the original Sensepil.

Other At-Home Hair Removal Devices

The TRIA at-home hair removal system was briefly mentioned earlier, but another notable IPL hair removal device (also for home use) is the VISS IPL. Comparing all three systems can be a tricky task, especially because they all have similar technology and usage applications.

For some male hair removal patients, it will come down to a price comparison. According to prices pulled from each product’s website, the Silk’n Edge costs $459 (with 4 lamp cartridges included), the TRIA costs $495, and the VISS IPL costs $545. Remember to consider the cost of flashlamp or bulb replacements when weighing long-term hair removal costs.

If you find that an at-home hair removal device like the Silk’n Edge isn’t providing you with the hair removal results you want and need, a local laser hair removal professional should be able to assist you. Not only do many laser hair removal practitioners offer complimentary consultations for first-time visitors, they have in-depth industry knowledge of the best lasers for each skin and hair type. Qualified laser hair removal technicians can also notify you of potential laser hair removal risks and side effects that could pertain to you.

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