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Review: Remington I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System


Remington, a leader in mid-line hair care tools, recently released a new product for at-home laser hair removal. The I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System is FDA-approved, using a similar concept of Intense Pulsed Light as many laser hair removal clinics. This new system targets people seeking the fantastic hair-free results of professional laser hair removal, but at a significantly lower price and with at-home convenience. Ideally, people would be able to permanently remove hair from their underarms, upper lip, bikini area, and legs using the Remington I-Light Pro. So how does this product stack up in comparison to in-office laser hair removal?

Remington I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System: The Specs

The Remington I-Light Pro is a handheld device that can easily be stored or transported. In addition to standard voltage, Remington I-Light Pro uses a removable cartridge that lasts for 2-3 full body treatments. The system relies on their patented ProPulse™ technology, which is essentially Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Used by many reputable laser hair removal providers, IPL emits flashes of light that gravitate toward the hair follicle and eventually disable it. Remington says that their advanced ProPulse system has a skin tone sensor, skin contact sensor, and adjustable power levels to make the I-Light Pro a safe choice for at-home laser hair removal.

At $250, the Remington I-Light Pro is a bit of an investment for a home product. And though it’s safe to use and FDA-approved, what Remington doesn’t tell you is that their product doesn’t offer permanent hair removal: The I-Light Pro is only approved for 6 months of hair-free bliss before hair will start to grow back.

Does the Remington I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System Work?

While the Remington I-Light Pro offers longer hair removal results than shaving or waxing, it’s still only a temporary solution. Since the I-Light Pro only promises to keep hair growth at bay for 6 months, users would have to keep performing treatments at least twice a year to be hair-free. And with cartridges that have to be replaced every 2-3 treatments, the Remington I-Light Pro suddenly isn’t so affordable.

Remington I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System vs. Professional Laser Hair Removal

Professional laser hair removal is the only way to permanently remove hair. The Remington I-Light Pro mimics laser hair removal with IPL technology, but falls short in results.

The Remington I-Light Pro offers at-home convenience. But when it comes to laser hair removal, many people prefer to leave it to the experts. Laser hair removal clinics employ medical professionals to perform the treatments. At a laser hair removal clinic, you’ll run less risk of missed spots, burns, and hyperpigmentation in the hands of a specially trained technician.

Inarguably, the biggest draw of the Remington I-Light Pro and similar at-home laser hair removal products is the seemingly low price. But Remington’s $250 price tag fails to factor in the expensive cartridges that at-home product require, which can range from $25 to over $75 apiece. Professional laser hair removal clinics often offer discounted packages, so that you can save on a bundle of treatments and see the up-front price. Learn more about laser hair removal prices.

Scheduling Your Professional Laser Hair Removal Consultation

The technicians at our professional laser hair removal clinics are dedicated to the art of permanent hair removal. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a laser hair removal expert in your area.

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