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Avoiding and Treating Razor Burn


Both men and women enjoy a close, smooth shave, whether it is on the face, under the arms or around the legs. However, too much of a good thing can leave skin rough, red and irritated – the telltale signs of razor burn. If you have ever been a victim of this post-shaving rash, you know how uncomfortable – and downright embarrassing – it can be. The good news is that there are ways to lessen the likelihood of razor burn appearing – and treatments to help reduce the discomfort once it is already there.

Preventing Razor Burn
Both men and women can take steps to prevent razor burn before it starts with these tips:

  • Keep it Soft – A softer beard is much less irritating to shave off, so soften yours up in the shower before setting a blade to your skin. This can be particularly helpful for African American men who have a higher risk of razor burn because their facial hair tends to be coarse and curly.
  • Exfoliate – This word might sound like something only your wife would do, but exfoliating actually benefits a man's skin as well. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove excess dirt and other potential irritants, so your skin remains soft, smoother and burn-free.
  • Shave with the Grain – Many shavers are tempted to shave against the grain of the hair, in hopes of getting a closer shave. However, this approach is also more likely to result in razor burn. To avoid unnecessary irritation, shave with the grain and than go over the area with your razor one or two more times.
  • Don't Pressure Your Skin – Applying firm pressure to the blade may seem like it will give you a better shave, but it is also more likely to results in skin irritation. Take care not to hold the razor too firm as you shave and you will actually end up with a smoother shave without irritation.
  • Get Cool – Once you are finished shaving, a quick, cool-water rinse will re-close your pores and provide a nice smoother finish to your complexion.
  • Look Sharp – Just like the knives in your kitchen, a sharp razor blade means happier skin for you. Replace your razor blade at as needed and always dry it thoroughly after use to keep it sharp for longer.
  • Say Goodbye to Bacteria - Bacteria on the razor blade can contribute to skin irritation after a shave. Prevent this problem by wiping off your blade with a quick swipe of rubbing alcohol after use.
  • Apply Moisture – Well hydrated skin is much more likely to be irritation free. You can achieve hydration either by drinking sufficient water throughout the day or applying a rich moisturizer to the skin after shaving

Treating the Problem

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, razor burn can raise its ugly little head on your skin. While this irritation may be unsightly and uncomfortable, there are ways to effectively treat the problem.

  • After rinsing the area thoroughly with cool water, apply an astringent with healing properties, like witch hazel to soothe and treat irritated skin.
  • Avoid shaving for a few days, or until the razor burn clears.
  • Over the counter hydrocortisone treatments are available for more severe cases of razor burn, but use them sparingly, since they can also produce some unpleasant side effects.
  • If the problem is widespread, laser hair removal or electrolysis can be a good option for razor.

Razor burn is a common problem for both men and women, but it is also one that can be effectively avoided. By following the steps listed above, you can maintain a soft, smooth complexion. If you do develop skin irritation after shaving, the treatment options included can help heal your razor burn and provide you with a smoother complexion once again. For more information about razor burn, or to find a permanent hair removal specialist in your area, contact one of our representatives at HairRemovalForum today.

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