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Bikini Hair Removal Trend: Pubic Hair Designs


by Marisa Amorasak

Gone are the days when you could only choose from a triangle, strip, or nothing at all. Pubic hair designs are becoming a popular way for women to adorn themselves and to add a spark to their intimate relationships. There a tons of designs and shapes to choose from to suit your personal tastes. Pubic hair designs are something to have fun with and share with your partner, but there are some things you should know about them before venturing into your first design.

Pubic Hair Design and Shapes

The most popular shapes for pubic hair design include a heart, star, flower, initials, lightning bolt, and downward arrow. But if you're looking for something more outside the box, most salons are happy to accommodate requests. Don't be embarrassed about your desired design-- they've heard it all, and bikini waxing generally leaves your dignity in your dropped trou anyways. You also have the choice of choosing a pubic hair design that's completely customized by you and your esthetician. Perhaps you and your partner share a love over Star Wars-- why not surprise him or her with the logo emblazoned on your bikini area?

Not all pubic hair designs are created equal. The most common shapes, like hearts and stars, have pre-made stencils that make the shaping quick and easy. If they don't have a stencil for your design, they may perform the wax freehand, which means the esthetician will use strips in different lengths and shapes to create the design you want. More advanced salons will be able to create the stencil for you on the spot to ensure that your pubic hair design is perfect.

Other Personalized Pubic Options

In addition to pubic hair design, there are other ways to personalize your pubic area. You can color your pubic hair much like the hair on your head. Some women want to cover up the grey, or match the hair on their head. Others choose wild reds or neon yellow for more of a statement. If you want to remove all of the hair from your pubic area but still want to add some pizzaz, vattooing and vajazzling may be right up your alley. Vattooing is temporary tattooing for the female pubic area. Vajazzling places temporary sequins around your lady bits. It's a fun way to spice up your nether regions for a special occasion.

Where To Get Pubic Hair Designs

Pubic hair design is not offered everywhere that waxing is available. It requires a certain degree of expertise that's beyond the basic cleanup of traditional bikini waxes. Therefore, pubic hair design is most likely to be found at salons that specialize in body waxing. There are even some salons popping up across the nation that specialize in pubic hair design. Be sure to call ahead for details, particularly if you want to create your own design.

Although they are most often shaped using wax, you can also get pubic hair designs using other methods of hair removal. If you prefer to shave at home, you'll probably have to use a special razor that's small enough for intricate detail. Shaving, however, can pose a dangerous element for pubic hair design. A razor that glides sideways or vertically can easily cut you, which is something you really don't want in this delicate region. Similarly, waxing pubic hair designs by yourself at home will require a great deal of waxing experience.

Laser Hair Removal and Pubic Hair Designs

If you're wondering if laser hair removal can shape your pubic hair into a design of your choice, the answer is yes. Most women who get pubic laser hair removal opt for a Brazilian or bikini style design, but triangles and strips are also common. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is the closest thing to permanent hair removal possible, so you will have to keep whatever pubic hair design you choose. Before your session, your laser hair removal specialist will give you a special pen that won't interact with the laser. You can then outline your design directly onto your skin, and the specialist will work around that outline. If you'd like to learn more about laser hair removal or to schedule an appointment with a laser hair removal specialist in your area, contact us today!

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