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Advantages of Professional Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic procedure; so popular, in fact, that at-home laser hair removal products are now available. Some have been approved by the FDA and all promise to get rid of unwanted hair at a fraction of the cost of hair removal clinic treatments. In addition, the procedure can be done from the privacy of home, at any time that is convenient to you. However, despite the cost and time savings these home laser treatments might promise, there are still many key advantages to choosing a professional laser hair removal treatment.

Customized Laser Hair Removal Sessions
One of the greatest benefits to professional laser hair removal is the ability to customize the treatment to the patient's individual needs. There are a variety of lasers used for this purpose and the choice is generally made on the color of the patient's skin and hair, as well as individual skin sensitivity. Fair-skinned individuals with dark hair may be able to successfully use a laser at home, while those with darker complexions, lighter hair color or sensitive skin will be better off seeking out the assistance of a professional laser hair removal clinic. In addition, home lasers are not FDA-approved for facial hair removal, while professional clinics can provide hair removal treatment for nearly any part of the body.

Professional Laser Technicians
While home lasers come with instructions for use, written directions are no substitute for experienced, professional care. In addition to the ability to customize treatments to a patient's specific needs, professional aestheticians and doctors can also advise patients about the best way to prepare for laser hair removal and how to help skin heal effectively after the procedure. These trained professionals can also warn patients who might not be the best candidates for laser hair removal and set realistic expectations for those who do decide to undergo treatment.

Less Risk
While home lasers may not be as powerful as the tools found in professional clinics, they can still burn the skin or cause significant damage to tissue if they are not used properly. By contrast, professional laser hair removal experts can help patients get the best outcome by controlling the technology, reducing risk factors, and guiding guests through the recovery process. If there are complications like burning, blistering or crusting during or after laser hair removal, a doctor or aesthetician is the best source of treatment. Professionals in laser hair removal will also be able to accurately gauge the best time between appointments, to ensure patients heal completely before undergoing addition laser hair removal sessions.

Better Results
If you check the reviews of home laser systems, you may find numerous customers who did not see satisfactory results with these DIY treatments. The amount of hair removed may not be as much as they had hoped, or it may have grown back within a few weeks of treatment. While professional laser hair removal is not advertised as permanent, most patients enjoy long-lasting results with touch-up treatments every year or two. It might also take fewer sessions of professional laser hair removal at the beginning of the process to achieve the desired results.

While home laser hair removal tools might seem like a less expensive, more convenient solution for hair removal, they simply cannot replace a professional laser hair removal treatment in terms of safety and results. For the best, longest-lasting hair removal, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a professional laser hair removal clinic in your area.

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