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A Closer Look: No!No! At-Home Hair Removal

While the TRIA laser system has recently held the top spot for at-home hair removal, No!No! is one of the newest and most talked about at-home hair removal kits to hit the market! No!No! is a hand-held hair reduction device that is currently available to U.S. consumers through Sephora and other beauty retailers. But are consumers saying "Yes!Yes!" to the product? And can No!No! results match those of professional laser hair removal or the TRIA?

What is the No!No! Hair Removal System?

No!No! claims to be a pain-free and effective way to remove hair and permanently reduce hair growth, all in the privacy of consumers' homes. No!No! is also reportedly safe to use, and successful for all skin and hair types.

In general, the No!No! System has the same hair removal goals as laser hair removal and the TRIA system. But there are some notable differences in how each of these systems achieve this goal.

The most important difference between the No!No! and these other hair removal methods is that No!No! only uses heat, whereas TRIA and laser hair removal utilize light energy. More specifically, No!No! uses Thermicon™ technology, a type of thermal energy transference that conducts heat into unwanted hairs, causing the hair shaft to break down.

The No!No! system is a portable device that's small enough to fit in a purse, and is powered with an electric charger. The system comes with detachable Thermicon™ blade tips, sized for both long hair and shorter stubble. It also includes a small brush to clean away excess hair, and a buffer to exfoliate and maximize skin's smoothness.

How Do You Use the No!No! Hair Removal System?

The No!No! system is meant for hair removal on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. For hair removal on the delicate skin of the face, laser hair removal or waxing is safer and preferred. To achieve real hair removal results, or significant hair reduction, No!No! is to be used on treated areas 2-3 times per week, especially during the initial treatment phase.

No!No! should always be used on clean, dry skin, and consumers should make sure they've attached the correct-sized blade tip before treatment. During use, the No!No! device is held at a 90 degree angle to the skin and moved slowly in a line, always towards the body, not away from. No!No! has a signal light on the front of the device that turns green when the product is being used correctly. The device may need to be used on the same area more than once before ideal results are achieved.

Some additional things to know about No!No! Hair Removal:

  • No!No! isn't a permanent hair removal system, and the length of its results generally don't compare to those of laser hair removal or electrolysis. However, with regular and continued use, No!No! should gradually reduce the density and growth of hair on all treated areas.
  • Because No!No! removes hair with thermal energy, this usually creates an odor of burning hair that is quite unpleasant. To diminish the odor, consumers are recommended to only use No!No! in well-ventilated areas or near an open window. Consumers may also need to bathe after treatment, or cover the smell with lotion or perfume.
  • When No!No! is used correctly, the device should not be painful or cause a burning sensation. If this happens, and the device is working properly, discontinue product use.
  • No!No! can be very time consuming, with treatments recommended 2-3 times per week. Consumers have reported that each treatment can take 20-30 minutes (for the legs and bikini line), which can be difficult to work into a busy schedule.
  • Some No!No! consumers state that with initial use of this device, shaving may also be required to achieve hair-free results. The need for shaving should lessen with continued use.

Is No!No! Better Than Laser Hair Removal or TRIA?

To determine if No!No! is the best hair removal option for you, let's compare what we know about No!No! hair removal with professional laser treatments and the TRIA system.

Hair Removal Results

First of all, do these systems get results? No!No! is fairly new to the game, but the majority of reviewers have claimed a noticeable improvement in hair reduction with consistent, frequent use. Plus, the product allegedly works for all skin and hair types. Bottom line is that if No!No! consumers want to see results, they must use the device at least 2-3 times per week, and combine the treatment with shaving in the initial stages.

TRIA has had mixed reviews since its creation; it has proven effective for some, but the laser technique is tricky to perform at home, especially with inexperience. Additionally, the lasers used in the TRIA are weaker than those of professional hair removal, so it's not as powerful as a professional laser system.

Professional laser hair removal has been proven to remove unwanted hair for most skin and hair types after several treatment sessions. Once the treatment package has been completed, patients can even experience no regrowth for as long as 1-2 years! Another plus to laser hair removal is that it can remove unwanted hair on all treatment areas of the face and body. The level of results will differ from patient to patient, so it's helpful to have professional assistance to achieve the best results.


The cost of hair removal often factors largely into a patient's choice of treatment method. No!No! is currently sold for about $175-$200 through Sephora and other retailers. Future costs for the device include new packages of Thermicon™ blades, which sell for around $20-$25, and possibly new buffers and No!No! smoothing cream.

TRIA systems are much more expensive than the No!No!, with the complete at-home kit selling for anywhere from $750-$1000.

Laser hair removal costs vary with treatment area and location, but a single treatment session can range between $100-$800. Considering that laser hair removal usually requires a few treatment sessions to achieve long-lasting results, it is certainly the most expensive option of the three. However, for the cost, patients are getting some of the longest-lasting hair removal results offered today. Laser hair removal also offers the convenience of not having to shave for as long as 6-12 months!

Pain and Side Effects

Another consideration with hair removal treatment is the possibility of any pain or side effects. No!No! Hair Removal is reportedly very low-risk, and many consumers said their largest disappointment with treatment was the burning hair smell. No!No! does carry a chance of accidental burns with misuse, but if the device is used on the correct treatment areas, this should be avoided. No!No! claims that its hair removal system is completely pain-free.

The TRIA hair removal system has a little more involved risk than the No!No! system does. If the TRIA isn't used correctly, there's a slight chance of burns from the product's laser. The manufacturer has recently updated the TRIA model, and sensors on the product should prevent the laser from activating if safety conditions aren't met. However, there will always be some risk involved when using laser technology minus professional help.

Laser hair removal is sometimes thought of as painful and risky. However, with the right laser technology, and a qualified hair removal provider, treatment doesn't have to be either of those things. A professional hair removal provider can determine whether or not a patient is a candidate for laser hair removal, and what their odds for success are with treatment.

Then, a laser technician will take a patient's individual conditions and needs into consideration when performing treatment. When these measures are taken to remove hair, the risk of side effects are greatly minimized. Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable for some patients, and the sensation is often likened to a rubber band lightly snapping the skin. Variations in skin sensitivity and pain thresholds will affect how patients respond to treatment. By request, most laser technicians can offer a numbing cream to dull the sensations.


In the end, your decision to use No!No! Hair Removal, the TRIA, or professional laser hair removal will come down to personal preference and your individual hair removal needs. If you're trying to remove unwanted hair on the face or the bikini area, or are looking for the longest relief from hair growth, than laser hair removal may be your best bet. If you are mainly concerned with cost, or just want to remove hair from home, than No!No! may be worth a look. No matter what hair removal method you choose, be sure to do your homework on its pros, cons and specifics before undergoing treatment or making a financial investment.

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