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New Zealand’s Award-winning Hair Removal System Expands to the United Kingdom


Pharo, New Zealand’s award-winning hair removal system, experiences international success this month as it expands into the United Kingdom.

Many New Zealand salons adopted the modern system, Pharo Sugaring technique, as a less painful alternative to traditional waxing. This method is 75 percent less painful than waxing, because the sugar based products stick to only the hair rather than the skin itself.

The Carlton Institute, one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious beauty colleges will now teach the Pharo Sugaring Technique, originally developed by Brand Value director Bernadette Soares. The sugaring system taps into the growing trend among beauty therapists and other women who want to use eco-friendly products that are healthy for the skin and the environment.

Global Expansion?

Soares named the New Zealand-based product after the ancient Egyptians who removed their body hair before serving Pharaoh. Over 500 beauty salons across New Zealand, Australia and Europe now stock the product, which launched in New Zealand only four years ago. Soares proved industry leaders wrong, after being told that she would fail to launch a successful alternative wax in the modern beauty industry.

“We have already seen a huge surge in the use of sugaring throughout Australasia and the teaching of the system at The Carlton Institute will give our brand priceless endorsement within the UK market,” Soares told Yahoo News.

A Great Waxing Market

About 60 percent of most salon business comes from waxing services, so while breaking into the multi-million dollar waxing industry has not been easy, Soares claims that it has been well worth the effort.

“The other great benefit for salon owners is that it’s very economical,” Soares told Yahoo News. “Pharo sugaring gel typically covers an area between two and four times larger than the equivalent amount of wax. It’s also less painful than traditional waxing so women are quickly catching on to our point of difference and are very keen to try Pharo this summer. Pharo has taken hair removal into the 21st century and has made the process a near spa experience.”

No Chemicals

The product’s ingredients include sugar, lemon juice, water, aloe vera, kiwifruit and Manuka honey.

“It doesn’t involve any resins or chemicals that are found in traditional hair removal products,” Soares told Yahoo News. “It simply washes off with warm water and unlike waxing, there’s no messy clean up using solvents which are harsh on the client’s skin, the therapist’s hands and the environment.”

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