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2011 TRIA Laser Includes New Features, Lower Price


The original TRIA Laser Hair Removal System was released in 2008 to numerous awards, critical buzz, and even a (questionable) celebrity endorsement by hair removal fanatic Kim Kardashian. The FDA-approved TRIA Laser was formulated to mimic the results of laser hair removal via a home-use device. The latest TRIA Laser sports new features like a digital display screen, multiple settings, and an ergonomic design to enhance treatment efficiency. The new TRIA Laser is also available at a lower price, making the product accessible to a larger client base. The question is, does the new 2011 TRIA match the benefits of a professional clinical laser hair removal treatment?

TRIA Laser’s New Features

Digital Display. A digital display is formulated to make the TRIA Laser experience even more user-friendly. It shows five power settings, battery level, a skin sensor indicator, and a lock option. The digital display will help users use the TRIA Laser easily and with confidence, because the status of the device will be visible on the display. Troubleshooting will also be reduced as users will be able to use the display as a guide.

Skin Sensor Laser hair removal virtually moves all traces of hair, but it doesn’t work on all skin tones. Like other laser hair removal systems, the TRIA Laser is incompatible with grey, red, and blonde hair and very dark skin tones. The built-in skin sensor aims to de-mystify laser hair removal by checking to see if your skin tone is suitable for TRIA Laser. Although TRIA Laser removes some of the guesswork by electronically assessing the color of your skin, it’s not capable of sensing hair color. Even if your hair is on the lighter end of brown, you may need to discuss your candidacy for laser hair removal with a trained professional. Attempting laser hair removal on hair that is too light may cause permanent damage to your skin.

Handheld DesignThe TRIA Laser’s improved design makes it easier to use so that your laser hair removal is faster and more efficient. The handheld device fits comfortably in the hand and can be held steadily during treatment. Still, the TRIA Laser is best for easy-to-reach places like the face and legs. If you’re seeking hair removal on your back or other difficult to reach places, an in-office laser hair removal treatment is a safer choice. The TRIA Laser is not approved for usage near the genitals or nipples.

TRIA Laser’s Improved Performance and Price

The TRIA Laser also features enhanced performance percentages for the best laser hair removal at home. Treatment times are up to 50% faster, battery recharge is 30% faster, and battery life is 20% longer. The TRIA Laser can still be used in two ways: by making direct contact with the skin or by lifting it above the skin. You may choose your method based on your skin’s sensitivity and the treatment location.

The TRIA Laser retails for $395. Expect to see less hair in about three months, with full results in six. The TRIA Laser is definitely more affordable than a few sessions of laser hair removal at a clinic, but it may be less effective and the effects will be more gradual.

TRIA vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

The TRIA laser offers a way to perform laser hair removal in the convenience of your home, on your own time. However, there are certain risk factors involved with at-home laser hair removal. The TRIA eliminates some of these factors, such as the skin tone variable, by having automated sensors. Other risk factors—hair color, skin sensitivity, and length of treatment—are best determined by a laser hair removal specialist. An in-office laser hair removal treatment will be catered to your individual features to ensure the safest, most effective hair removal possible. If you’d like to learn more about laser hair removal or to set up a private consultation with a trained professional in your area, contact our representatives today!

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