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New TRIA Laser Arrives: 5 Settings, Lower Price


In early 2009, hair removal consumers were thrilled to hear about the TRIA system; the first FDA-approved device for at-home laser hair removal in the U.S. However, many consumers' enthusiasm dulled upon viewing TRIA's $800-1000 price tag and reading of its ineffectiveness when treating light hair and dark skin types.

Now, in fall 2009, the company has relaunched a "new and improved" TRIA device that features new settings and a more affordable price. So are the company's claims true? And can the newer TRIA come closer to professional laser hair removal results?

How has the TRIA Changed?

According to a company press release, the revamped TRIA device now has five laser intensity settings to choose from, as opposed to three on the previous model. The company claims this change will help consumers "better customize the treatment to their particular hair color and thickness".

The price of TRIA has also been significantly reduced to $595, which is over $200 less than the cost of the original TRIA device. With tax and shipping charges, the total cost of the new TRIA is actually about $645. TRIA Beauty's CEO said that this cost change reflects the company's dedication to "offering the most advanced solutions at an affordable price point". Through the TRIA website, consumers can also break up the full amount into a payment plan to be completed in seven months.

Is the New TRIA Equivalent to Professional LHR?

Ever since the first at-home laser hair removal devices were being experimented with, patients and industry experts have wondered if they would someday stack up to professional laser hair removal. While this latest TRIA, and other devices like the Silk'n SensEpil, demonstrate how at-home hair removal is continually improving, professional laser hair removal is still arguably the better option for customized, long-term hair removal results.

The change in TRIA's laser settings will likely improve the device's safety features, and help to ensure consumers' won't burn or harm their skin during treatment. However, the TRIA device still only uses one type of laser technology, the LightSheer™ diode laser. While this type of laser technology may be just right for removing unwanted hair on your face and body, patients with darker skin and/or light hair may require other laser technologies to safely and successfully treat their facial hair and body hair.

Some cons to using the new TRIA, as opposed to professional laser hair removal, include:

  • TRIA isn't recommended for facial hair removal
  • TRIA's battery life may not last to complete a full treatment in one sitting
  • TRIA has a reported product life of about 300 charges—after which time, patients may need to buy a new device to continue treatment

Am I a LHR Candidate?

To learn more about laser hair removal or permanent hair reduction options in your area, it's best to consult with a hair removal provider nearby. They will be able to determine if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, and which type of laser will produce the safest, best results for you.

During a professional hair removal consultation, you can also inquire about financing options, and learn more about laser hair removal costs, risks, side effects etc.

An industry expert will also help you decide if at-home laser hair removal is right for you. He or she will have a superior understanding of today's at-home hair removal options, like the TRIA, and be able to identify if an at-home device will be effective at removing your unwanted hair.

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