` New Hair Removal System Could Make Eyebrow Threading Easier
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New Hair Removal System Could Make Eyebrow Threading Easier


When it comes to keeping your eyebrows under control, it can sometimes seem like there are no good options. Plucking can be tedious and painful. Similarly, waxing and depilatory products often leave the skin around your eyebrows raw, making it susceptible to irritation and sun damage. However, there is one safe and easy option that is often overlooked: threading. And even though threading in its current form is considered by many estheticians to be the best way to remove unwanted facial hair, the HELIX ThreadEase system is poised to make the process even safer and easier.

The Benefits of Threading

Threading is an Eastern hair removal technique that goes back centuries. During the procedure, the technician sweeps a double-stranded length of cotton thread along the skin. The thread secures the unwanted hairs and pulls them out at the follicle. Although this technique may sound similar to plucking and waxing, it actually has several advantages. Unlike plucking, hairs can be threaded out in rows, rather than individually. Additionally, unlike waxing, threading doesn’t cause excessive irritation or discomfort.

Unfortunately, threading does come with some potential downsides. Because the thread needs to be appropriately looped and twisted, oftentimes technicians are forced to use their mouths in order to initially secure the thread. Needless to say, a lot of clients don’t find this practice to be particularly sanitary. Moreover, the thread will sometimes cut into the technician’s fingers, which, in addition to being painful, can potentially make it easier to spread disease or an infection between the technician and his or her client.

How Does the HELIX ThreadEase System Help?

The goal of the ThreadEase system is to eliminate these drawbacks from the practice of threading. Invented by a physician who was trained at the Mayo Clinic, the HELIX ThreadEase System consists of a tool that holds the thread in place. Because the tool is doing the job of keeping the thread secure, technicians is no longer forced to use their mouths to get the thread suitably looped, and their fingers are no longer in danger of getting accidentally cut. These benefits help to make threading easier and safer that it’s ever been.

Although threading is relatively new in the United States, women and men have been using the technique for centuries to remove unwanted facial hair. If you have notoriously unruly eyebrows, see if a salon in your area uses the ThreadEase system and consider giving threading a try.

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