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Product Review: Nad's Hair Removal System


Nad’s Hair Removal System, a system of gels, creams, and waxes designed for removing unwanted hair from the body, gained much visibility in the 90’s, thanks to extensive advertising. The product, created in Australia, claims to remove hair safely and effectively, with little mess and lasting results. Yet, we don’t seem to hear so much about Nad’s these days, and there may be a good reason why this method of hair removal has dropped in popularity over the last decade.

Negative Nad's Reviews: Side Effects and Messes

While Nad’s products are still widely available, and apparently still used, online reviews of Nad’s Hair Removal System are resoundingly negative. Most commonly, users have been upset that the product did not remove all of the hair in the treated area, the hair removal is painful, and the system is particularly messy. Generally, consumers were unhappy that Nad’s claims that its products are mess-free, pain-free, and highly effective, as using the product often proved contrary results. In some extreme cases, users complained of rashes, redness, and even the tearing off of skin when using Nad’s.

Positive Nad's Reviews: A Wax that Generally Works

Those who responded positively to the products, however, noted that the Nad’s waxes and hair removal strips worked like most waxes. You apply the wax, gel, or strip, and pull the hair out, which, for many, is preferable to shaving. Some consumers claimed that, provided you followed the directions exactly, the product worked as stated.

While many prefer waxing or other hair removal methods such as Nad’s hair removal strips to shaving, the hair is still not permanently removed and requires additional treatments every four to six weeks. For some, that pain of waxing, cost over time for supplies, and constant maintenance is too undesirable to endure. For these individuals, a more permanent solution, such as laser hair removal, remains the more attractive option. After a series of laser hair removal treatments, most individuals can kiss their razor, waxes, tweezers, etc. good-bye, and say hello to smooth, silky, hairless skin without the mess or routine upkeep. To learn more about laser hair removal options, Hair Removal Forum can set up a personal consultation for you with a laser hair removal specialist in your area. Consultations are free, so before spending money on another at-home hair removal product, it only makes financial sense to explore your professional options. Contact us today!

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