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Miami is home to exquisite sun soaked beaches and night clubs frequented by some of Hollywood's hottest; it's no wonder that smooth, sexy skin is such a coveted feature! Living in a town with so much to enjoy, the last thing you want is to spend time indoors with tedious hair removal creams and waxes. Unfortunately, many people are forced to do just that because of the embarrassment that often accompanies unwanted body hair. Today's modern solution to unwanted hair removal is Laser Hair Removal, Miami’s worst kept secret for smooth, great looking skin. Luckily, if you are living in the Miami area, American Laser Centers and Sleek MedSpa are leaders in laser hair removal and offer first class service and the best in hair removal technology, giving you a smooth, sexy look without the annoying upkeep.

At the American Laser Centers locations in Miami Beach, Aventura, and Ft. Lauderdale, they know that even a few stray hairs can ruin your day, because of this they guarantee the results of their hair removal treatments for a minimum of two years! American Laser Centers even offer solutions for removing red, blonde, or gray hair follicles. Conducted with the Aurora 2003 laser, ALC’s laser hair removal in Miami combines radio frequencies and light energy to eliminate and permanently reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair anywhere on the body. In addition to their permanent hair removal solutions, they also offer a number of aesthetic services. At ALC, you don't need to worry about potential pain, scarring or lengthy sessions that are often associated with less equipped, outdated facilities. The expert staff of technicians are highly qualified, fully certified and will customize treatments specifically for you. The American Laser Centers in Miami will have your skin smooth and hair free, putting an end to embarrassing beach moments and guaranteeing great results.

Sleek MedSpa in Aventura is also regarded throughout the East Coast as a trusted authority on cosmetic procedures and laser hair removal. Sleek boasts a state-of-the-art facility with a relaxing ambiance and friendly staff. Offering a wide variety of procedures, Sleek MedSpa provides treatments and consultations from trained professionals, including licensed nurse practitioners, aestheticians and experienced doctors. Sleek MedSpa provides more than just beautiful and long-lasting hair removal, but also the opportunity to assist patients in the correction of almost any aesthetic concern.

Begin the hair removal process by taking advantage of a complimentary consultation with any of these remarkable Miami laser hair removal facilities!

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