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Male Brazilian Waxing: An Increasing Trend


The Brazilian wax has been a popular choice for women for some time, but now, more and more men are getting in on the action as well. This procedure leaves the entire private area smooth and completely hair-free – for much longer than a shave will offer. There are many possible reasons why a man would consider a Brazilian wax, and we will explore many of them – as well as the ins and outs of the procedure – here on Hair Removal Forum.

What is a Male Brazilian Wax?
The Brazilian wax for men entails the removal of hair from the buttocks, the scrotum and the frontal pubic area. Men can have the procedure customized to their specific preferences as well. Hard wax is typically used for the male Brazilian, which is applied warm to the area using an applicator similar to a tongue depressor. Paper is then applied on top of the wax, which the wax adheres to before it is removed from the skin. As the wax is pulled away from the skin, the hair in the area comes out as well. All that is left after the Brazilian wax is smooth, soft skin, which will remain that way for a number of weeks without shaving.

Benefits of a Male Brazilian Wax
There are a number of reasons why more males are choosing the Brazilian wax today. For some, it is purely a matter of aesthetics; they like the look of smooth skin in the area and they don’t have to worry about stray hairs peeking out from under their underwear or bathing suits. Others enjoy the ease of keeping the area clean and odor-free. Athletes, especially body builders and swimmers, are beginning to choose the Brazilian wax treatment prior to big competitions for both performance and appearance. All men enjoy the fact that their private area remains hair-free and smooth much longer than with shaving. Most do not need to come in for another waxing for three to six weeks. After each treatment, hair also grows back in finer and softer, so subsequent waxing treatments tend to be easier on the skin in the area.

Drawbacks to the Male Brazilian Wax
While this treatment offers a number of benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks to the procedure as well. First, the Brazilian wax can be a difficult treatment for the modest to undertake, since most technicians prefer to work on patients who are completely undresses. However, those who can’t bear the idea of baring it all can ask for a towel or temporary thong to cover up private areas during treatment. The Brazilian wax can also be somewhat uncomfortable, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. If you are concerned about pain during the procedure, try taking a dose of acetaminophen 30 minutes prior to your procedure to desensitize the skin somewhat. The final drawback to the Brazilian wax is that the treatment is not permanent – additional sessions will be required about once a month to maintain results. However, men who are shaving this area regularly may find that an occasional trip to the spa is preferable to frequent shaving sessions at home.

What to Know before a Brazilian Wax
Men who are interested in a Brazilian wax for the first time should know that hair needs to be between 1/2 and 1 inch long to respond best to the waxing. If the area has recently been shaved, most hair removal technicians recommend waiting two to three weeks before undergoing the wax procedure. If hair is too long, the technician can trim the area before applying the wax for best results. Before the procedure, it is important to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the area. Avoid using lotion right before treatment, since this can make the skin slippery and affect the treatment results. After a Brazilian wax, it is important to care for the skin properly to avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs. Regular cleaning and exfoliating are a good first step in keeping the skin smooth and problem-free. Some technicians also recommend specific skin products to aid in the healing process and keep skin in top condition.

Brazilian wax treatments are no longer just for women. With many men getting into the craze, the procedure is now being used on male clients with increasing frequency. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of the male Brazilian wax or laser hair removal for the same purposes, contact one of our representatives at Hair Removal Forum to find a hair removal technician in your area.

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