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Know Your Lasers: Lumenis LightSheer Diode


Laser hair removal is the ideal treatment for men and women who are tired of removing unwanted hair on their face and body. Laser hair removal permanently destroys the hair follicle so you never have to worry about shaving or waxing again. And with constantly improving technology, laser hair removal can now benefit a wide range of patients. Lumenis, the pioneer of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), is also the creator of a new advanced laser hair removal system called LightSheer. LightSheer was developed in response to the constantly increasing demand for laser hair removal virtually anywhere on the body.

How Does Lumenis LightSheer Work?

LightSheer is a diode laser. Diode lasers were invented in 1962 and are commonly used in household electronics like DVD players, printers, and scanners. In addition to their safety, they're also quite versatile. When it comes to laser hair removal, diode lasers are often preferred for their effectiveness. The LightSheer diode laser makes hair less likely to grow back after treatment is complete.

LightSheer is different than other laser hair removal systems because it has the capability to emit a range of pulse lengths during treatment. LightSheer can have either very short pulses or very long ones-- up to 400 milliseconds. Long pulses are particularly useful at penetrating the entire hair shaft without damaging the skin's epidermal layers. LightSheer's pulses can be adjusted based on your individual needs for the most customized treatment. And that's why many laser hair removal specialists choose LightSheer: It works on a variety of patients, including those with tanned skin who aren't candidates for other laser hair removal systems. It also treats the broadest range of hair colors, textures, and diameters. LightSheer devices use a patented ChillTip, which provides continuous cooling throughout the treatment for the most contained and comfortable laser hair removal.

Lumenis LightSheer Process

A laser hair removal session with LightSheer may take a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. LightSheer has a wide coverage area of 9 x 9 or 12 x 12 millimeters so treatment will be quicker than other laser hair removal systems. LightSheer's laser pulses work by attacking the active hair shaft and destroying it. Since only a portion of the hair shaft is active at a time, multiple sessions are needed. Multiple sessions are needed for effective hair removal-- most specialists recommend three to six treatments total every four to six weeks. LightSheer was consciously designed to less painful than other forms of laser hair removal and electrolysis thanks to its ChillTip. Some patients describe the LightSheer process as similar to being snapped by a rubber band. Any discomfort associated with LightSheer will disappear a few hours after treatment.

Lumenis LightSheer Costs, Risks, and Side Effects

The average cost of a LightSheer session is $200. LightSheer offers some of the most advanced technology when it comes to laser hair removal, but does come with a few risks and side effects. No laser hair removal treatment is guaranteed to remove 100% of hair and prevent it from coming back, but any regrowth will be lighter and finer than before. Your individual practitioner will be able to give you more details on how well LightSheer may work for you. Temporary scabbing or irritation of the treatment area may occur. In rare cases, the treated areas of the skin may become lighter or darker. This is usually temporary.

Other Uses and Benefits of Lumenis LightSheer

LightSheer is most commonly used for laser hair removal, but can also be effective for other skin ailments. It's FDA-cleared to treat pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB), benign pigmented lesions, and leg veins. Patients of LightSheer for laser hair removal have also noticed improvements in their razor bumps and sun damage.

Scheduling Your Lumenis LightSheer Treatment

LightSheer offers the best in the world of laser hair removal. If you're looking to permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair, then LightSheer may be your answer. For more information on LightSheer, let us schedule an appointment with a laser hair removal specialist in your area today.

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