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Leg Hair Removal Costs


You’ve considered laser hair removal for the legs, thinking about how great it would be to toss your razors, waxing kits, shaving creams all in the trash bin, never to be used again. You’ve contemplated how great it would be to be free of the hassle of daily leg shaving, or painful trips to the waxing salon. Laser leg hair removal seems like a great option to rid you from unwanted hair permanently, but then you’ve considered how much laser hair removal costs, thought that you simply can’t afford it, and have reluctantly returned to your disposable razors. Yet, have you really sat down and figured out how much you spend on leg hair removal? You might actually be surprised at what you find out.

What are the costs of leg shaving?

  • Let’s say you buy cheap disposable razors. You’ll spend around $10.00 for a package of ten. That’s $1/razor. So, let’s be conservative and say that you use 156 razors per year (three per week). That’s $156/year. Let’s start our calculations at age 18 and say you keep shaving until you’re 60. That’s just over $6,500. Add to that the cost of shaving cream or lotion, which will also cost about $75/year, and we’re up to over $10,000 in a lifetime. And, let’s be honest, these are estimates if you’re using the cheap stuff, and if you’re only using three disposable razors per week. It’s more likely that you’ll be spending anywhere from $30-50,000 on shaving over the course of a lifetime.
  • In addition to your monetary costs, consider how much time you put into shaving. If you shave 4-7 times per week, and you spend 15 minutes (this is conservative) each time, well, that’s 60-100 minutes per week, totaling 52-91 hours per year, and 2200-3800 hours in a lifetime.
  • Okay, one more thing to consider—discomfort. Razor burn and cuts: need I say more?

What are the costs of waxing your legs?

  • Professional waxing will run you $75-200 for legs, including tip and tax, and the results usually last for about a month. If we again assume you are getting regular waxes from the age of 18-60, and you’re going in every month that totals about $38,000-100,000 for waxing treatments in a lifetime.
  • At-home waxing kits run from $25-100, and results should last about a month. Lifetime costs of 12 at-home waxes per year: about $12,500-50,000.
  • The time it takes to do an at-home wax can be from 30-60 minutes, which certainly saves you time over shaving, but…
  • Waxing is painful. Plus, if you do it on your own, there’s a much greater chance that you won’t get all the hairs, and that you’ll have quite a messy time of it (waxing isn’t the cleanest, easiest thing to do).

What are the costs of leg laser hair removal?

  • Laser hair removal treatments cost anywhere from $200-1300 per treatment, depending on which area of the body you’re having done. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at how much it would cost you to have your legs done (since that’s what we were looking at with shaving and waxing). For your full legs, one session will run $500-1300. Cost do vary depending on your geographic location and skill of your laser hair removal professional. The average number of sessions required for permanent hair removal is six. Your overall cost for laser hair removal on your legs (which is more expensive than other areas of the body), will be $30,000-78,000. Definitely cheaper than waxing, and in many cases, cheaper than shaving, too.
  • The time it takes to do a treatment is 45-60 minutes, so on average, your total time commitment will be 4.5-6 hours.
  • After your treatments, you’ll have no more hassle with unwanted hair. You won’t even have to think about it any more! You won’t even get caught in those, “I forgot to shave!” moments.

Ultimately, laser hair removal ends up costing about the same as shaving or waxing, and, in many cases, actually costs less than going to the waxing salon. But then you add on the benefits of not having to worry about shaving or waxing, and not have to waste your time with it. How much is that worth to you? How valuable is your time?

To get a good sense of how much it will cost you to have leg laser hair removal, it is important to research the costs of the treatments in your area, and to find a specialist who will do an excellent job. Often times, if you speak with your laser hair removal professional, you’ll find that payment plans will be available. So, you take your shaving and waxing budget and put it toward permanent hair removal!

To learn more or to schedule a free leg hair removal consultation with a laser clinic near you, contact us today!

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