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The Better Investment: Laser Hair Removal vs Shaving vs Waxing

Laser hair removal is booming, and according to surveys by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 1,078,612 LHR treatments were purchased by Americans in 2011 alone. While millions of satisfied patients are enjoying the benefits of their permanent hair removal, others are hesitant to try laser treatments due to cost or time commitment. We at Hair Removal forum understand the value of your free time and hard-earned cash, so we took it upon ourselves to do the math. The below chart pits laser hair removal for legs against competing shaving and professional wax treatments over time.

Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal has proven to be the most effective treatment for de-fuzzing large areas of skin, it isn’t the cheapest option upfront. Our research shows that eight sessions of hair removal for the legs alone will cost an average of $3,500. In terms of time commitment, visits to a laser clinic last a maximum of 45 mins, or a total of 6 hours for eight treatments.

While $3,500 seems like a handsome sum up front, once you’ve completed treatment, that’s it. No more plucking or tweezing in front of the mirror. No more dealing with razor burn, ingrown hairs, or cuts from shaving. No more wincing while a wax strip rips the hair from your delicate skin. You’ll be free to do things like spend an afternoon tanning at the beach on a whim or go on a spontaneous date without worrying about embarrassing leg stubble. The true benefit from laser hair removal is freedom, and as you can see for the chart below, LHR is far better deal in the long run than the costly and time-wasting rituals of its competitors.


Shaving with disposable razors is the time-tested standby for hair removal. Most razors can be bought at grocery stores along with shaving cream and post-shave moisturizers for around $25 dollars a month. The British razor company Nevia claims that the average woman spends 22 minutes per day showering and shaving, while found mean shaving time alone is half of that, at 10.9 minutes each day.

At a glance shaving isn’t that bad of a deal. Razor users spend less around 83 cents and 11 minutes each day to keep looking fresh and smooth, but as you can tell from our chart, this all adds up very quickly. While it takes until our 10 year mark for shaving to catch up with the upfront cost of laser hair removal, you’ve already lost nearly a month of personal time. Rounding past 20 years you’ll have spent $6,000, nearly twice the procedural costs of laser therapy, and dwindled away over 50 days of your life running a piece of metal over your skin. To top it all off, shaving is no way eco-friendly, as over 2 billion razors end up in landfills every year. Getting treated with skin-safe hair lasers will ultimately save valuable resources for you and help out Mother Nature in the long run.


Each year millions of women and thousands of men opt for in-salon waxing treatments because its results last far longer than either shaving or plucking. If you can acclimate yourself to the pain of waxing, a single trip to the salon will afford you three to six weeks of no stubble, no fuss hair freedom. Because waxing requires least a 1/4 inch of hair required for proper tractions, we decided to err on longer side of 5 weeks between salon visits in our calculations. Statistics from found that the average full leg waxing costs $60- $70, so for out comparison we chose an average of $65. Depending on your size, hair density, and the type of wax used, leg waxing can take be between 20 minutes and an hour, so we again chose the middle ground and assumed 40 minutes per visit.

The results show that waxing is efficient time-wise compared to shaving, but much more costly than either competing treatment in the long run. In only six years, or 60 sessions, you’ll have already spend more money waxing your legs than a laser hair removal than an eight-treatment laser hair removal package. At ten years, waxers will have spent just under $7,000 while cumulatively enduring nearly three days of literally having their hair pulled out. As time goes on, waxing costs continue to add up, with close to $27,000 spent on waxing on forty years out, or the price of a brand new car!


When you look at the numbers, laser hair removal looks better and better year after year while the costs and time wasted on shaving and waxing just pile up. Over the course of a lifetime you’ll save thousands of dollars and weeks of personal time by choosing laser hair therapy over shaving and waxing.

It’s important to note that all of our numbers are taken from statistical data, averages, or informed estimates. The best way to figure out the cost of hair removal treatment in your area is by scheduling a FREE consultation by calling our toll-free number or filling out our convenient contact form. After you get in touch with us our helpful Hair Removal Forum representatives will swing into action and find you a premium hair loss clinic in your area!

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