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Laser Hair Removal Videos

As much as Hair Removal Forum prides itself on providing in-depth information on laser hair removal, we also understand that nothing quite beats seeing the procedure with your own eyes. That's why we traveled to the cosmetic offices of Dr. John Bull in Naperville, Illinois, as the first stop on our tour of leading laser hair removal clinics. There, we met up with the clinic's friendly, knowledgeable aesthetician Brianna Samp, who guided us through two routine laser sessions being performed that day-- resulting in the two laser hair removal videos below.

First, a female patient stopped by for a round of laser underarm hair removal. Next, a male patient received a quick treatment for the neck and jawline. As you can see, laser hair removal treatments-- while utilizing state-of-the-art technology-- are nothing to fear. In the months ahead, we'll be sharing more laser hair removal videos to give you a firsthand look at how this procedure works and what you can expect during your own treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Video #1: Female Underarm Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Video #2: Male Laser Hair Removal - Neck and Chin

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